b tech artificial intelligence subjects

With at least 60% marks in the above subjects, taken together and 50% marks overall. Syed Omar Faruk Towaha, “Building Smart Drones with ESP8266 and Arduino : Build exciting drones by leveraging the capabilities of Arduino and ESP8266”, Packt Publishing, 2018. 6399020004, Simple Graphics - Overview of Turtle Graphics, Turtle Operations, Object Instantiation and the turtle graphics Module, Drawing Two-Dimensional Shapes, Colors and the RGB System - Image Processing - Image File Formats, Image-Manipulation Operations, The Properties of Images, Python Image Library(PIL)- Converting an Image to Black and White/Grayscale, Blurring an Image, Edge Detection and Reducing the Image Size. The IBM Big Data Software Centre of Excellence is an initiative with a vision to enable the students and faculty in higher education to gain the relevant skills in Big Data Analytics, experiential learning and to make them adept with latest Big Data technology and tools. These notes will be helpful in preparing for B.Tech CSE semester exams. construct applications with graphical user interface. During the past ten years, data science has emerged as one of the most high-growth, dynamic, and lucrative careers in technology. Write a program on Arduino/Raspberry Pi to upload temperature and humidity data to thingspeak cloud. Wearables: Fundamentals, Advancement and roadmap for future - Smart Watches, Fitness Trackers, Smart Eyewear - wearable bio and chemical sensors - wearable inertial sensors and applications - Architecture & pin diagram for Arduino - Interacting with Analog & Digital sensors - Dealing with personal data - Monitoring sensor data from cloud platform - Controlling actuator from IoT Cloud platform - Case Study : application of optical heart rate monitoring - wearable IoT enabled real time Health monitoring system. GUI-Based Programs - Terminal-Based Version, GUI-Based Version and Event-Driven Programming, Windows and Labels, Displaying Images, Command Buttons and Responding to Events and Viewing the Images, Entry Fields for the Input and Output of Text, Using Pop-up Dialog Boxes and Other Useful GUI Resources - Accessing Database - Storing and Retrieving data - updation. Also the department has signed an MoU with IBM India Pvt Ltd. formulate algorithms and programs using arrays, pointers and structures. Byron Gottfried, “Schaum's Outline of Programming with C”,McGraw Hill Education (India), 4, Balagurusamy E, “Programming in ANSI C”, McGraw Higher Ed, 7, Yashavant Kanetkar, “Let Us C”, Bpb Publications, 15, Herbert Schildit, “The Complete Reference C”, McGraw Hill Education (India), 4, Beulah Christalin Latha, Anuja Beatrice, Carolin Jeeva & Anita Sofia, “Fundamentals of Computing and Programming”, Pearson, 1, Sumitabha Das, “Computer Fundamentals and C Programming”,McGraw Hill Education (India), 18, Stephen G. Kochan, “Programming in C”, Sams Publishing, 4, David Griffiths, “Head First C”, O'Reilly Media, 1. understand the fundamental principles of Object-Oriented Programming, as well as data and information processing techniques. To interface motor using relay with Arduino/Raspberry Pi and write a program to turn ON motor when push button is pressed. understand various concepts of arithmetic unit and error correction. I got a chance to formulate my future goals in GLA. Sam Washington, Dr. M. O. FaruqueSarker, “Learning Python Network Programming”, Packt Publishing Limited, 2015, ISBN-13: 978-1784396008. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Ans. ISBN:978-0130991508. apply memory management concepts and function-based modularization. 4th Year : 2,02,000/- INR. To interface OLED with Arduino/Raspberry Pi and write a program to print temperature and humidity readings on it. 3rd Year : 1,99,000/- INR Marco Schwartz, “Internet of Things with Arduino Cookbook”, Packt Publishing Limited, 2016.ISBN-10 : 1785286587. 6399020003, Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences. To install MySQL database on Raspberry Pi and perform basic SQL queries. Applicants will have to go through the following process: Scientist - India Space Research Organisation, GLAians (batch 2019) selected in 4 top IT companies. Machine Learning is making a machine learn on its own without being explicitly programmed. Introduction to Problem Solving through programs, Steps to develop a program, Representation of Algorithm, Software development life cycle, Programming approaches, Types of programming languages, Introduction to C, Developing a C program, Console input and output functions, Syntax and Semantic errors. Control unit operation, Control of the processor, Hardwired implementation, Micro-program control, Micro instruction sequencing, Micro instruction execution. © 2017-2018. understand the fundamentals of computer and software development process. To interface Push button/Digital sensor (IR/LDR) with Arduino/Raspberry Pi and write a program to turn ON LED when push button is pressed or at sensor detection. To interface Bluetooth with Arduino/Raspberry Pi and write a program to send sensor data to smartphone using Bluetooth. Agricultural Internet of Things - Environmental and climatic change - Role of Arduino and Node MCU in agricultural field - interfacing with external devices - development of local web server for automation - labview / Matlab based data logger for agricultural field parameters monitoring system - Case study : Smart control for site specific management of fixed irrigation system - scilab based data logger for plant protection from fire in agriculture field - smart greenhouse monitoring system for flower plant growth.

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