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No mention was made of Mister Miracle. Barda as a member of the Justice League Unlimited. Miracle. In combat Barda wore armor that segmented over her body but when not in use retracted. : : In JLA: Another Nail, Barda becomes a Green Lantern Corps member, although her power ring having fused to her Mother Box has made her a rather unusual Green Lantern. It was only Superman who came to you. Barda gave Granny one final punch before she left for New Genesis. Moreover, despite being often raspy with Oberon, Barda didn't hesitate to put her life at peril to save him from Granny Goodness, who used him as a hostage in order to force her former charges to break Kalibak out of the X-Pit, a notorious Apokoliptian prison. Originally she had been a member of the Female Furies, a deadly squadron of female killers, and trained as their leader underneath the cruel mistress Granny Goodness. For a limited time the Mega-Rod can also increase the gravity force of an individual. "Animated 'Superman/Batman: Apocalypse' Feature Cast and Crew Details", "Ava DuVernay To Direct Jack Kirby Comic Creation 'The New Gods' For Warner Bros, DC", "INJUSTICE GODS AMONG US Videos Reveal DC Easter Eggs", A Woman of Valor - An appreciation of Barda, Super Friends: The Legendary Super Powers Show, The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians,, DC Comics characters with superhuman strength, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Superhuman strength, durability, reflexes and speed, Big Barda makes a cameo at the end of the second part of the, In the two-part episode titled "The Call" of the animated series, An alternate universe version of Barda appeared in, Big Barda appears in the online video game, Big Barda appears as a playable character in, This page was last edited on 19 November 2020, at 20:07. [19] Their mission is to help mobilize Earth's heroes against the omnipotent Mageddon. I know it doesn't, but we're never going to get to the bottom of it unless you open your eyes and stop being so pigheaded! This weapon can create boom tubes for teleportation over long distances, propel her high into the air and release energy blast capable of bringing down such powerful beings as Superman. In JLA: Created Equal, Big Barda was one of the female superheroes who helped the Justice League after a mysterious plague known as The Fall wiped out all men on Earth. She later suggested boom tubing the creatures to the sun, but Superman rejected such callous maneuver. During an escape artist practice session of Mister Miracle's, Oberon was kidnapped by Granny Goodness. Sometime in the future, Barda joined the ranks of the Justice League Unlimited. But once you get to know me — I can be a real pussycat!" Barda risks her own safety to help Scott escape from Apokolips. Batman One of these children was Auralie, whom was under Barda's command. Eventually they retire as superheroes and move to Bailey, New Hampshire. Big Barda, now a student of the Super Hero School High is participating in the Intergalactic games. He is essentially a genetic son to Bruce Wayne, bred by Amanda Waller in secret to eventually take over the mantle of Batman. Barda appears in DC's Batman Beyond comics that were loosely based on the animated series: Justice League Beyond and Superman Beyond: Man of Tomorrow, where, as in the animated series, she belongs to the Justice League during the tenure of Terry McGinnis as Batman. Although she was originally a member of the Female Furies, since leaving her home planet, she has joined The Justice League and The Birds of Prey. Filming & Production Big Barda was created by writer/artist Jack Kirby in 1971 and made her debut in Mister Miracle #4. This gives Barda a level of strength roughly parallel to Wonder Woman as well as a high resistance to injury approaching invulnerability. [Barda is accusing him of fabricating the evidence of Superman being the traitor]  She is one of the strongest women in the DC Universe and can easily lift well thousands of tons under normal conditions, putting her on the same tier of many of the DCU's primary powerhouses. It turned out the attraction between Barda and Scott was mutual as Scott had also felt an emotional connection to her. They met, aided and or fought all manner of beings ranging from Highfather to Doctor Bedlam to Blue Beetle and Booster Gold. Warhawk Their mission is to help mobilize Earth's heroes against the omnipotent Mageddon. You saved the world. However, they soon return to Earth and take up temporary residence aboard the Justice League Refuge. Barda's anger was, however, tempered down when Warhawk revealed himself to be alive and well. This character or group of characters are related to Jack Kirby's Fourth World, either the original concept and group of titles by Jack Kirby, or any of their subsequent adaptations by other creators. Barda's killer was later revealed to be the Infinity Man. Before Barda could boom-tube the creatures away, the League was attacked and subdued by them. Her armor is destroyed in battle and she leaves the battlefield in one of the refugee ships that houses the 2 million Earth 2 humans. Big Barda was a New God from Apokolips who was married to Mister Miracle, and would later become a member of the Justice League Unlimited. You people came to me. Sometime in the future, Barda joined the ranks of the Justice League Unlimited. She is a product of Granny Goodness's Home for Orphaned Youth. During the game, Lashina pretends to still harbour friends feelings for her, but it's all a ruse to get Barda fingerprints and access the school to stop a piece of technology. Barda later accepted Oracle's invitation to join the Birds of Prey as their "heavy hitter." However, when duty calls she never hesitates to assume the posture of a warrior, and when Scott joins the Justice League, Barda participates in several missions. However, despite their best attempts, a normal life eludes them. Barda, her Furies, Himon and Metron help Scott escape Apokolips. [15], After their time with the JLI, the two leave Earth for New Genesis,[16] but, they soon return[17] and take up temporary residence aboard the Justice League Refuge. Big Barda first appeared in DC Comics in Mister Miracle #4, October 1971, and was created by Jack Kirby. At Takion's order, she and fellow New God Orion were sent as agents of New Genesis to serve on the team. During this time she befriended Black Canary's adopted daughter, Sin, and from this friendship gained quite an affinity for the Pokemon trading card game, which she decided was a "warrior's game." Once on Apokolips, Big Barda and Wonder Woman face Granny Goodness and fight the Female Furies together. In combat, Barda wears Apokoliptian battle armor, which enhances her already impressive durability. 02:48AM Species: Big Barda is a powerful New God from Apokolips who fell in love with Mister Miracle and became a warrior for good. We could really use you. She proves to be a Hero despite Lady Shiva mistrust. Games Movies TV Video. Her New God biology gives her an immunity to disease, as Despotellis explains to Sinestro when trying to infect Highfather. He almost does, before Barda teleports him to a random location, that being ten feet behind Guy Gardner's skull. He was less pleased by Scott's decision to stop being Mr. Mr. Scott Free (husband)Highfather (father-in-law) Miracle in exchange for her. Big Barda is a fictional superheroine (although sometimes portrayed as a villain) appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. You guys play awfully rough. [4], Barda is a member of the race known as the New Gods, and was born on Apokolips about 250 years ago.

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