blackberry lemon cake roll

It was an easy recipe, I will use it again!! I didn’t make this yet but i can’t wait to do it, delicious, I didn’t add the topping because its just me and my son. Junetha Cinthya Pau, France. A+++. . I did some research online… did I underbake it? I was able to roll one since I already had the cream prepared and it tasted so yummy but it was completely falling apart. It was in the oven for 15 minutes… if I did underbake it, do I have to worry about consuming undercooked eggs? My cake stuck to the parchment, and also the tea towel. However, I find myself worried a bit every time I bake your sponge cake. Would the filling work with whipped cream instead? Thank you, You’re welcome Tanya! I managed to do something quite okay and it tastes good but it is really frustrating. The cake was sticky and break so I put it in the freezer and cover it with cream to hide the breaking part:) Natasha!! Thanks for the referral and sharing your great review! I ohpe that helps for next time! . It will stick a little and doesn’t come of completely clean as there is no fat added to the cake so that is normal and expected. exact thing happened to me. I made this cake roll for a family get together and people loved it.. Came out perfect. Roll the cake tightly in the same direction you rolled it the first time. I wanted to make this recipe for so long but the result was not what I was hoping for Everytime I am doing your super 5 ingredients sponge cake, there are a lot of like little holes in the sponge cake. Carefully Unroll cake and loosen from the towel. This looks like the perfect antidote to cabin fever. No matter what I did to it, it would not change. You’re welcome and I hope you all love it! Beat together starting on low speed to incorporate sugar, then turn the mixer up to high speed for 2-3 min or until whipped, white and fluffy, scraping down the bowl as needed. I hope that helps for next time! Hi Debra, it helps to use a thin tea towel like a linen towel, also, you might try setting it on a rack if you have one. Read my disclosure policy. So light and fluffy. The third best option would be diced strawberries and you can garnish with strawberry quarters over the on top. Hi Elena, I think it would work but keep in mind they will be more juicy so it might make your frosting slightly looser. It got so stuck to the towel that parts of the cake came undone when I was trying to separate it from the towel. I’m so happy you are enjoying our recipes! Increased frosting and syrup proportionally and ended up with a bigger roll! Slice off the edges if desired and dust generously with powdered sugar. I have all of the tools including the piping bag and the specific tip I used listed above under the “Tools You Will Need” section. Transfer to a large piping bag with a large open star tip and pipe 6 flowers over the top, placing a fresh blackberry and lemon triangle into the center of each one. I’ve made this twice already – easy and so yummy! Bummer! Hi, Natasha, I made this recipe for the sponge cake. Thank you for the video as well – I’m confident I can do this! I made it for a friend’s birthday for her celebration and pictionary night (group game); the cake roll was a hit – not too sweet which everyone in our group appreciated. It is a potluck for 10 people, just one dessert, so I think I would have to make 2, so everyone could have a generous portion. Hi Olga, there is no worry with consuming undercooked eggs if you were baking at 350˚F, that cake would have gotten well above the safe heating temperature for a cake. What could be the problem? I think my cupcake frosting would also work well here (which doesn’t have butter). Wow, definitely should have heeded some of these reviews. Additionally, the sponge cake had a beautiful golden color. You’re welcome, Maureen! Hi Natasha! Hi Tanya, as long as you whip the cream until stiff and spreadable/pipe-able, it won’t fall off. I want to check amazon but not sure which one is the best for decorating cakes, etc. This came out TERRIBLE. Hi ally, I don’t think it would hold together well rolling hot dog style and it would be more difficult to slice. We love your recipes. The third best option would be diced strawberries and you can garnish with strawberry quarters over the cream puffs on top and it would be lovely . It won’t harm anything, but the color will look greenish. Hi Lina, have you had a change to read my sponge cake tutorial? I would wait to add the powdered sugar, whipped cream topping and fresh blackberries/lemon until the day you are serving. Hi Sab, Yes, we keep this cake roll refrigerated. It will be thick, fluffy and tripled in volume**. It helps to roll the cake right away while it was hot out of the oven. I did it today. I have an 11.5 x 17 jelly pan, will this work? Hi Olga, I usually freeze just the sponge portion for up to 3 months (I actually have one in the freezer right now, rolled into a log into a sheet of parchment paper).

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