characteristics of code of ethics

����;�ƀ��g�����=���bp�d�gr�N�p0kp;0���q�2�Z��}���x.0�|�^ �N-�u���i�ne`o� �ڇ��3�T?�A&�2�� m�[ Each section includes rules relevant to that aspect of the company in the form of clear, concise statements. The GE code of conduct summarizes the company’s policies and then discusses the role of employees with respect to those policies. Privacy Policy. The company highlights that the responsibilities covered in the code of conduct apply to all employees of the company, including directors, executives and members of the Board of Directors. Coca-Cola’s code of conduct is well organized and designed, easy to understand and comprehensive. When exercising authority, be fair. Be just toward customers or vendors, too. August 1, 2016. If the answer is “I wouldn’t like it much” or “I would never let them behave like that to me”, then we don’t tolerate this behavior no matter the person it comes from. Complement this sample with other elements of a code of conduct policy and add both to a complete employee handbook. Also, take responsibility for your actions. Below are 18 outstanding code of conduct examples that you can use to update or write your own. By embedding one of its core values into its code of conduct, Coca-Cola is able to demonstrate its strong commitment to the business standards it has developed. As a general rule, try to put yourself in someone else’s place. A code of conduct defines how a company’s employees should act on a day-to-day basis. What constitutes harassment or victimization? ✓ Visually Appealing Be generous with your expertise and knowledge. Enforcing it is the key to a functional, ethical workplace. For example, if an employee uses dubious methods to get competitor intel and raise their sales record, their action will have a positive impact on the company’s revenue, but it will put us at a legal risk and promote unhealthy business practices. This policy applies to everyone we employ or have business relations with. You’re also obliged to follow our employment of relatives policy, which forbids you from having a reporting relationship with a relative. Americas: +1 857 990 9675 The code specifies what it means to be part of the Hershey team and how each individual can contribute to the values of the organization by adhering to the standards of conduct. The Business Conduct Guidelines created by IBM provide employees with a clear understanding of the expectations of their employer. Our entities implement local employee codes of conduct. Additionally, Starbucks has included a unique ethical decision-making framework to assist employees when they are faced with ethical dilemmas in the workplace. The company’s code of conduct also includes addenda that outline necessary definitions, disciplinary action standards and additional resources that may benefit employees. The company prefaces the code with its guiding principles and then explains how it approaches internal activities, such as R&D and procurement, and external activities, such as philanthropy and government relations. Feel free to download our code of ethics template doc (Word format) or code of ethics pdf. But, you should also be ready to collaborate with and help others. If you suspect you may have an unconscious bias that influences your decisions (taking Harvard’s Implicit Association Test could help you determine this), ask for help from HR. retaliate against employees or applicants. Be sure that you can justify any decision with written records or examples. The document discusses the company’s values and defines the organization’s approach when combatting corruption, engaging with external stakeholders, working with other people and protecting company information. But no matter the company, all great codes of conduct share certain characteristics. PepsiCo’s Global Code of Conduct is an extensive document that covers a variety of topics including responsibilities of individual employees, respect in the workplace and responsibilities of the company to its shareholders. Your behavior should contribute to our goals, whether financial or organizational. Providing the “why” is an effective way to  engage employees in the code and give them a reason to comply. 0. Discuss with your manager to find solutions that can benefit both sides. The first is a quick overview of the relevant policy and the second is a summary of the requirements for employees under that policy. Unilever’s Code of Business Principles and Code Policies is comprehensive and easy to understand. We will also use this policy to outline the consequences of violating our business code of ethics. Each section of the code of conduct also provides employees with a clear understanding of what their responsibilities are and red flags that may arise in different situations. Employees are provided a clear understanding of the correct procedure to follow in various situations. You must respect others’ personal space, opinions and privacy. (A ✓ denotes a particularly exceptional feature of the code of conduct). Our code of ethics definition refers to the standards that apply to a specific setting – in this case, our own organization. Be honest and transparent when you act in ways that impact other people (e.g. Comprehensive. Ethics expert Dr. Chris Bauer explains the difference between these two important documents. As with any strong code of conduct, PepsiCo’s code has rooted its expectations in the core values of the organization. IWAY also provides references to additional documents, such as UN conventions and other IKEA policies, that employees can consult to gain a better understanding of IKEA’s approach. We all need to put a healthy amount of effort in our work.

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