cloud vocal sax microphone

It’s super portable and with the built in effects and eq, plus the ability to pass a backing track through the receiver, it’s a no brainer. My first system was a Samson Airline setup. Laptop + tiny USB thumb drive looking audio interface = recording studio! Whether you want to connect directly to the amplifier, effect pedals or straight into mixing console, our new ISOLO CHOICE stage receiver is up to all tasks. Every sound and voice should be accurately represented. You seem to believe and include your students in every way. K&M 14340 folding Alto/Tenor Stand: Instruction of ISOLO CHOICE. 2:32 opening the box! 14 day trial here:, Other resources for you: source. This helps to fund this channel and the lessons I make for you. CONNECT WITH SAXSCHOOL ON INSTAGRAM:, Disclaimer: Some links are “affiliate links” which means I make a small commission on any sales. Help me play my favorite songs. The receiver unit is quite large though. Our technology improves with time, don't worry about the reception. So join below to try out our lessons completely risk free. The best part is how quick and easy it is to set up and how little room it takes up in your bag. To test this I plugged it straight into my MacbookAir and opened Garage Band. I had to replace the clip, the stalk, and reinforce everything with….loads of Gaffer! Get the “Sweet Harmony” solo transcription inside Sax School. Enter Coupon: MCGILLSAXSCHOOL2020. 5:26 comparing the versions of the mic The Wi-5 is built to last thousands of shows with a simple but very sturdy clip, compact electronics and a lovely sounding mic capsule. Saxophone microphone transmitter US$199.00 ADD TO CART . Everyday I am learning and coming up with new ideas to improve my online teaching skills and set up. In fact, CloudVocal claim it is the smallest, lightest and smartest wireless microphone system! I really enjoyed using the iSolo setup and will continue to keep it in my regular kit. 27, Hengyang Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 100, Taiwan Nigel's lessons have kept me grounded and explain things in a way that no other teacher has ever done for me. I have learned more in the last month working with you than I have for the past two years on my own! Overall, the iSolo Choice wireless mic system by Cloud Vocal is a great compact solution for any type of amplified sax performance. In fact you could almost not notice it is even connected to your saxophone bell because the microphone and transmitter weighs a mere 26grams. And my verdict. Jazzlabs Sax Holder: Forget annoying instructions! With so many students, it's amazing how you make everyone feel special no matter what level we are at. But mistakes and wasted time is far more costly. Thanks! In the accessory box there’s the aerial and cables. But, the iSolo still works great. Sax School has built my confidence - thank you! 3:44 The main box We check every circuit and wire to ensure that we never compromise on quality! If it’s not for you, simply cancel your membership within 90 days and contact support for a full refund. 9:36 comparing without backing tracks I sure hope all of that was helpful! I really like the cases that come with it too. The iSolo Prime Wireless Sax Microphone. Hercules Tall Alto/Tenor Stand: These days there are so many options on the market and it’s tricky to know which is the best one for you. AKG C414 XLII Microphone: Enter Coupon: SaxSchool10 MY FAVOURITE PRODUCTS Hercules Alto/Tenor Sax Stand: Hercules Tall Alto/Tenor Stand: To do this I connected both microphones to my tenor sax bell and recorded from each of the receiver units directly into Logic Pro X simultaneously. Plus the Cloud Vocal has another ace up it’s sleeve…. As you can imagine, the £1000 AMT Wi-5 does sound warmer and rounder. Their Wi-5 system (now replaced with the Quantum 7) is a beautiful piece of kit. Copyright 2020 CLOUDVOCAL, All rights reserved. 5:38 connecting the mic to the instrument If you are a solo gigging sax player using backing tracks then I think this is a great option. All of our products are 100% made in the USA, creating jobs and supporting small business. This looks pretty much like your average thumb drive, but is actually a complete wireless receiver and Audio Interface. 6:41 comparing the 2 receiver units If you are wanting to make recordings on the go or at home with a super simple setup then this is perfect. 27, Hengyang Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 100, Taiwan. 2F., No. It’s easy, just order your new mic using this link: Cloudvocal iSolo Choice Wireless Saxophone Microphone, Then enter this coupon code: MCGILLSAXSCHOOL2020. How easy is that! 13:24 So what do you think? Although I am very happy with my AMT Wi-5, I was interested when Taiwanese company CloudVocal got in touch and sent over their iSolo Choice system for me to test. Ty Dolla $ign spoofs reality dating shows in ‘Nothing Like Your Exes’ video, Watch the explosive launch trailer for ‘Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’, Swade – Gettin' It | Song Review | Indie Music Plus. In fact you could almost not notice it is even connected to your saxophone bell because the microphone and transmitter weighs a mere 26grams. Hercules Alto/Tenor Sax Stand: Lègére Signature 2.5 Alto Reed: ✪✪ Pre Order the CloudVocal Prime here: If you are looking for how pro players think about the ISOLO wireless violin system, reviews from Vi Wickham may be helpful for you. $26.83. CloudVocal iSolo Choice VS AMT Wi-5! At CLOUDVOCAL, we believe: the simpler, the better! I did use the Samson Airline on hundreds of shows but I’m sorry to say for most of those it was covered in “gaffer” tape.

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