collection of mana switch

As noted in the review the battle system isn’t good and it’s what you spend 50% of your time doing. It’s a really nice nostalgia trip that comes with another classic as a gift. Stretched, no filter (at least on my tv this causes like Randi's eyes in Secret to be two different widths due to the not quite exact pixel size) Both Amazon and Walmart were much better for E3 deals this year than Worst Buy. So glad they didn't go digital only... @Don Nintendo did already localized Mother 1 a.k.a. Adventure of mana is remake of final fantasy adventure and it too looks fantastic and would have been great on switch, as the only way to play it now is actually on mobile. I mean Square did nothing for Final Fantasy X/X2 or Octopath Traveler on Switch so it's safe to assume they won't with Collection of Mana. For that price i might as well buy the physical edition. 40 for 3 games? Tous droits réservés. FINAL FANTASY VII / FINAL FANTASY VIII REMASTERED TWIN PACK SWITCH. Released in 1993, Secret of Mana is arguably the most famous entry in the franchise, at least outside of Japan; heck, it's probably the reason you're so keenly reading this review – if you haven't already excitedly downloaded the collection, of course. Other times, your attack seems delayed because it has stacked on top of another attack from one of your AI-controlled companions. 50% sale, them I‘ ll get it. You only mention using a single Joycon. @Turbo857 Damn that really sucks then, hopefully their effort in creating it as something new is worth it otherwise not making it as a multiplayer game the way it was meant to be won't go that well with fans. @Ooyah No, they're all self-contained stories. La trilogie de jeux Mana cultes est une collection indispensable pour les fans de la première heure comme pour ceux qui découvrent la franchise. Having Legend of Mana in the collection would have been a nice touch with all the recent PS1 games coming to Switch. It's likely that Walmart or Amazon will put this on sale around release though. It is obvious that maaaaany people enjoy the Switch's retro library, and I am guessing that Collection of Mana will sell well. Personally I'm only paying this much because I preordered the physical version without any additional costs. Fiche produit. I'm enjoying it, don't get me wrong. That's not to say I would not have liked to have seen other Mana games included (Sword of Mana would have been nice, along with Legend of Mana) but this is a fantastic collection overall. Collection of Mana est disponible sur Switch Including the much improved GBA remake Sword of Mana or the iOS remake Adventures of Mana would have been a better swallow for modern audiences. 21 people found this helpful. Veuillez réessayer. I’ll wait until next summer’s sale and hope for 50% off. Thank you for the glowing review and really hoping more people really give these games a chance! I'm trying to decide if I want to buy this digitally so I can play it now and not have to swap game cards between this and another game....or wait for the physical release at the end of the summer in August. Recommending an over priced game, even by its high score is encouraging this practice. Collection of Mana brings the first three titles in the seminal Mana series to the Nintendo Switch in an all in one package. So yeah konami (konami of all companies) translated it and bundled it with more than 3 games for $20! I'm glad it's a nation wide release in North America and not exclusive to the Square Enix online store like Lost Sphear was. I’ve probably just played Secret of Mana too many times and that combat just clicks with me better. At least it's not the price gouging of Capcom re-releases on Switch. Jouez au troisième titre de la franchise Mana et découvrez une aventure unique qui évolue selon le héros et les personnages que vous choisissez. Couldn’t resist, forked over the small boatload of cash and jumped into Secret of Mana via that M2 emulation magic. Despite the existence of a 3 character party and the fact you made that a rom hack is available for 3 players. This will be my first time playing thru these games so Im happy to finally get the chance. Amazon's Choice recommande des produits évalués très positivement et vendus à des prix abordables. Maybe Konami has spoiled us with reasonably priced $20 compilations, but I feel that would be a more reasonable price while also being a steal of a deal. Nothing over $10? I'm one of few that actually liked secret of mana remake. I had a french copy of Mystic Quest when I was a kid and (somehow) finished it and I’ve also finished Secret of Mana (what a game) so really it’s all about Trials for me. @LUIGITORNADO LolTry Dragon Quest. After that i play trials of mana, then finish off with final fantasy the adventure at some point. 23 Fiche produit. If you would have to get original SNES games i'm sure you would have to pay a lot more. This element is neatly replicated here thanks to the Switch's Joy-Con controllers; no matter where you are in the world, that second Joy-Con can be detached and handed to a pal for some welcome local co-op gameplay. @CupidStunt It was, but none of those were the original SNES version, rather an «enhanced» PSone version if memory serves me right. If you can't afford something you don't buy it, maybe save up for it and get it later. I don't understand why they didn't include the GBA remake it's the game that got me into the Mana series. Can't imagine anyone else being excited to drop $40 on this. petite merveille enfin dispo chez nous : il aura fallu attendre 23 ans pour trials of mana !!! Usually I prefer physical because of box art but 3rd party games on Switch have really lazy box art. 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