eating guava at night during pregnancy

Consuming guava as much as one fruit every day during pregnancy, helps pregnant women avoid gestational diabetes. It even keeps the blood pressure in control, which is very important during pregnancy in order to prevent miscarriage and premature births. There are many benefits that can be obtained during pregnancy by eating guava, including balancing the blood sugar level within the body. Eating guava during pregnancy keeps the blood sugar under control, thereby playing a crucial role in preventing gestational diabetes in pregnant ladies. Choose an unsweetened range of pickles over sweet pickles to … … You may find the same benefit as well in the health benefits of honey during pregnancy. Eating mango pickle during pregnancy, which is homemade may have traces of listeria bacteria that can be potentially dangerous for the pregnancy, so avoid eating mango pickles during pregnancy. Guava is also perfect for keeping your skin hydrated as it contains 80% water and is therefore consumed in large quantity in tropical climate areas. For mother to be: Guava prevents neural tube defects and is highly advisable for consumption in times of pregnancy. In theory, guava might increase the risk for bleeding or interfere with blood sugar control during and after surgical procedures. Guava even helps in keeping the digestive system healthy.

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