gmx chrome plugin

GMX aims to provide unhackable email communication to users without requiring them to have expert knowledge. Note, however, that already encrypted emails can then no longer be decrypted. Download now. This principle of complementary keys ensures the highest level of security. Access from outside the computer is not possible. Shortcut to Chrome plugins pages. Even if emails are sent abroad, and to email providers with weaker data protection regulations and without encrypted connection paths, complete data protection can be ensured because only the authorized recipient will be able to decrypt the message. All encrypted messages are digitally signed by the sender by default. GMX’s free email encryption makes sending and receiving encrypted emails easy. OpenPGP is the foundation of encrypted communication. This is why it’s so important for the private key to be kept secret. Get more done with the new Google Chrome. NEU! You can find out more about this in GMX Help. GMX encrypted communication uses OpenPGP (from Pretty Good Privacy) for its encryption, an encryption process that has not been cracked since its introduction. The public key is used to encrypt the message, and the private key is used to decrypt it. The public key is sent to the communication partner, ‘locking‘ their message so that only the person with the private key can decrypt it – which is why the private key should remain secret. The keys created by Mailvelope and GMX should also not be deleted. Users can set up a backup in the third step of the setup process, which allows the user to recover a lost key or key password. Yes, the encrypted email process was checked by external security service providers. Encrypted messages can no longer be decrypted if the key or key password was lost without a backup. You can also send encrypted emails on the go. If the recipient has already set up encrypted email communication, their public key will already be in the GMX key directory. The Mailvelope browser extension offers further security options. Everything important spelled out in detail. You will be able to tell if you’re reading or writing an encrypted email thanks to its colorful background. powered by Now assign a key password. What alternatives do I have for retrieving my email via Windows? It is therefore especially important that the recovery document is kept safe from and untraceable for unauthorized individuals. The recovery document will have a recovery code printed on it, which you will use to recover your password and key. The graphical security background, displayed during all stages of encrypted communication, can be individually customized. Do not delete the keys created by Mailvelope in cooperation with GMX. The decrypted content can therefore still be retrieved after having logged out if the cache has not been emptied or overwritten. Proceed by redoing steps 1 to 4 and choosing option (b) in step 4 to use GMX Start for Chrome. The lock icon in the input field indicates that the email you’re writing is encrypted and that the recipient is using encryption too. The 'OK' displayed in the browser extension informs the user when they are accessing the extension via the security window. offered by (295) 500,000+ users. During setup, the pair of keys required for encryption (the public and private keys) are created in the background so that the user does not have to be concerned with the technical process. You can display it, however, using the recovery code if you have forgotten it. Just flip the toggle switch to activate encryption while writing an email. GMX provides two easy alternatives to this manual process. Use the PGP check number (or ‘fingerprint‘) to be sure that a key actually belongs to the specified sender. To do so, import the key pair for the already encrypted emails via the expert settings in the Malvelope browser extension and forward the emails to your mailbox. Yes. To check whether a key has been signed by GMX, import the GMX key in the Mailvelope browser extension options. & Conditions. The 3-step setup process simplifies the usually lengthy key-creation process. But how does PGP email work? GMX makes use of the OpenPGP (for ‘Pretty Good Privacy‘) end-to-end encryption procedure, which provides the highest standard of security for encrypting emails. Mailvelope encrypts the required data in a security container and secures it with a 26-digit code. Set up the free GMX MailCheck. NEU! If MailCheck is not visible, try to activate the extension again. If storing the public key is not desired, it can be removed from the GMX key directory at any time via the mailbox settings. Info: When choosing option (a), GMX Start for Chrome will not appear when opening new Chrome-Tabs. Yes, as long as encrypted communication has been set up with the destination mailbox. MailCheck for Google Chrome . To do this, send an invitation email via your mailbox settings. OpenPGP has not been cracked since its introduction, meaning it is considered completely secure. It is also audited by external security experts. Encrypted emails are marked with a lock icon for easy differentiation. The public key is shared with the party you’re securely communicating with and allows for the encryption of the email. Decryption only makes the content temporarily and locally visible on a device, and must take place every time the email is opened. On this page, you will find information about these permissions and why they are required. All this guarantees the security of the procedure – even with better usability. Even court decisions on data delivery will remain ineffective because of this. Download MailCheck. No, each user only needs to set up the email encryption service once. Es gibt den GMX MailCheck in zwei verschiedenen Varianten: Als Browser-Erweiterung für Google Chrome und als GMX MailCheck für Windows. The 'OK' displayed in the browser extension indicates when you are accessing the extension via the security window. Click the icon and you'll open the "plugins" menu. Letzterer erscheint nach Installation in der Windows-Taskleiste. The partnership with Mailvelope has also ensured that encryption technology and user data always remain separate. Using email encryption on mobile devices is yet another innovation GMX provides when compared with existing OpenPGP procedures: using a QR scan or the recovery code from the document created during the backup setup, users can activate email encryption in their mail app. No. If you accidentally disabled MailCheck, you can enable the extension again.

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