goodman's problem with induction

/Contents 52 0 R How Cantor’s invention of transfinite numbers ignored obvious contradictions, How Cantor’s religious beliefs influenced his invention of transfinite numbers, How there can be a list of real numbers for which there is no Diagonal number, A proof of non-denumerability preceding his better-known 1891 Diagonal Proof, A proof based on the idea behind Cantor’s 1891 Diagonal Proof, A look at the conventional definition of Cardinal Numbers and Cardinality, A logical analysis that demonstrates inherent contradictions in the Lebesgue theory of measure, How one professor attempted to refute my analysis of Lebesgue Measure Theory, A definition of a sphere with infinitely dividing horns: what it is depends on the precise definition, A selection of formal papers related to the infinite, An English translation of the paper that initiated the notion that there must be undefinable real numbers, A book looking at how infinity is treated by modern mathematics and pointing out the logical fallacies involved, How it has been the source of irrational unfounded assumptions about the infinite, The assumption that certain supernatural things exist and the assertion that humans can accurately describe these things even though humans have no way of confirming such descriptions, The Platonist claim that numbers have an actual existence that is a s real as the existence of chairs, rather than being human constructs in the same way as unicorns are, The fallacy in the assumption of total abstraction, A claim that tries to prove that mathematical entities are real things that exist independently of any human concepts, Gideon Rosen and John Burgess claim that their version of Platonism is ‘moderate’, Balaguer claims that there is no good argument against Platonism, A look at some Platonist aspects of Descartes’ philosophy. endobj e) R G Swinburne, ‘Grue’, Analysis, Vol. >> /S /A On the other hand, crystal balls do not come naturally to people, and there is no “crystal ball practice” that is inherent in our nature, as opposed to the inductive practice discussed by Goodman. /Nums [0 8 0 R 1 9 0 R 13 10 0 R] >> There is no demonstrative argument that explains this kind of inference frequently employed by humans. One could also interpret Goodman’s original wording as intending that a thing is ‘grue’: “if it is examined before time t and is green or else if it is blue.”. /Contents 36 0 R << /Contents 60 0 R 1 comment. /T1_2 31 0 R /Parent 15 0 R >> So that after the time t, the definition would be a perfectly valid basis for an inductive hypothesis (if a rather useless one) - and this would involve no contradiction or paradox - but before the time t the definition could not be a valid basis for an inductive hypothesis. The mind does not determine the effect from the cause based on any innate feature of the cause. Goodman claims that we can start with ‘grue’ and ‘bleen’, and says: “‘green’, for example, applies to emeralds examined before time t just in case they are ‘grue’, and to other emeralds just in case they are ‘bleen’.”. 133-148. impulse) as granted. Inductive reasoning (which is happening all the time) tends to predict or expect events that have been most consistent. But the inductive method can never prove with absolute certainty that every thing of the class must have the specific property that is hypothesized. /T1_2 31 0 R Inferences may be drawn from particular observations to. But equally truly, if we start with ‘grue’ and ‘bleen’, then ‘blue’ and ‘green’ will be explained in terms of ‘grue’ and ‘bleen’ and a temporal term; ‘green’, for example, applies to emeralds examined before time t just in case they are grue, and to other emeralds just in case they are bleen. /PitStop 11 0 R But there is no paradox at all here. so it must be the case, regardless of interpretation, that Goodman is implying the exclusive or in his definition. The problem of induction, he writes, is a problem of demonstrating the difference between valid and invalid predictions (Goodman 4). /Type /Page >> Difficulties in understanding the site content are usually best addressed by contacting me by e-mail. but if ‘green’ is to be defined in terms of ‘grue’ and ‘bleen’, rather than being defined conventionally in terms of the wavelength of light coming from an object, then the word ‘green’ cannot be used in the definition of ‘grue’ and ‘bleen’, and the same applies to the word ‘blue’. >> endobj >> /T1_0 32 0 R ingestion of bread will provide ‘feeling’ of nourishment). And if we don’t examine it before time t, it also might be blue or green. >> where ‘googoo’ and ‘booboo’ are terms that must be undefined, since Goodman asserts that we are starting our definitions with ‘grue’ and ‘bleen’, and so we may not use the predefined definitions of green and blue to define ‘grue’ and ‘bleen’. endobj Incorporating Risk and Uncertainty Factor in Capital…, Comparison: Letter from Birmingham and Crito, Relationship between Media Coverage and Social and…, Effects of Television Violence on Children, South African Music – Aspects of African Life, Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood – Book Report, Old Town White Coffee – Organizational Control. How woolly thinking about infinity can leads to a contradiction, Another paradox inspired by the Balls in the Urn Paradox, Based on the pretense that one can apply classical formal logic to a constantly changing real world, A paradox that is reliant on the confusion of different levels of language, A paradox that relies on an inconsistent system for its creation, Goodman claims that his paradox arises from scientific considerations, whereas it is a result of ambiguity of definition, How you can have different correct answers to a question that isn’t sufficiently well defined. It is reasonable to assume that almost all of us take the transfer of momentum from one body to another (i.e. Mark Bishop claims that Artificial Intelligence can never match nor surpass human intelligence, A look at possible futures in view of the rise of artificial intelligence, John Searle’s argument that a machine could not possibly understand a human language, A fallacious argument that attempts to prove that consciousness cannot be the result of purely physical processes, A eulogy on Platonist beliefs, short on logic, replete with fallacious arguments, An examination of the claims of the crackpot John Gabriel. The skeptic does point out the absence of a proof, but since it is obvious that this demand cannot be met, the question is not troubling anymore, and hence, does not need further consideration. << /Contents 54 0 R Since inductive reasoning is not backed by deduction, there must an alternative form of reasoning. /Contents 30 0 R “In the future, cause x will be followed by effect y.”. /GS0 34 0 R /Parent 14 0 R Hence, we might say that the occurrence of an accident right after a black cat crosses one’s path is purely coincidental (contrary to what some people would believe), while acid turning blue litmus paper to red is a causal event. /MediaBox [0 0 432 648] >> /Count 8 /Resources << << is not logically followed by: /Font << endobj /Rotate 360 But there is nothing in the first body or in its nature of motion that would prompt us to think that it will cause the second body to move on. 21 0 obj ) Nelson Goodman introduced his “new riddle of induction”, and used it to supposedly demonstrate the difficulty of distinguishing predicates (Footnote:

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