how to baste a quilt with thread

Thank you so Never baste with needle and thread??? This post probably didn't interest about 75% of you, those who send out all of your quilts to be quilted by others, and those who use a longarm, since you don't have to baste for that. Now is the time to baste all layers together. Based on this post I will try hand basting again. (Make sure you get one that washes out.). Carefully pull the fabric taught (but don’t stretch it) and tape it to a hard, flat surface. Had to smile when reading the words "one must never".........duh that is like saying here is something one should really do. Please do not reproduce or publish copies of my patterns and tutorials, but feel free to share the link to them! I never heard of the padding stitch. It’s not necessary, but it helps feed the layers of fabric evenly through the machine. Let’s take a look at several common methods for managing a large quilt in a small area. You can un-roll as you work toward the edges. Thanks, Wanda! I am lucky to have the older, really sturdy tables that don't dip in the middle like the new white lightweight ones do. Cheers,.Jean, Thanks for the lesson. I always hand baste for machine quilting and have always used a running stitch. These needles are 2.25" long. Next time I will try your method. If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. ease it in before you reach the basting row. I have been wondering about it for quite a while as I dislike the pin method and the waste and expense of using spray glue. If you take your stitch diagonally the surface thread will be straight. What an excellent post! I recently quilted a quilt for someone that had been basted incorrectly and it was a complete pain to deal with long loose stitches. I will have to try to find those needles. Wanda, you are a real gem and I'm so happy to have found your blog, where, you share with us all the knowledge you have acquired through years of teaching, trial and error and your own experiences. If you choose to hand quilt, it is still important to baste the quilt. The thought of opening and closing 500 safety pins is just not appealing. I'm not a great machine quilter, but don't want to send out my quilts to a longarm persob. This tutorial is for when you are ready to combine the three layers of our quilt sandwich and ‘quilt’ our project. Here’s a great example of using painters tape as a guide for quilting. You will have to click on this photo to enlarge it see the stitching. Hopefully, though, these suggestions make it a little less arduous, especially if space or getting down on the floor is your primary challenge. White thread is often used to eliminate the worry of dye transfer from the thread to the quilt. Always hated that part of quilting. words it looks like squares, or a plaid. All photos and content are my own unless clearly noted. I hand quilt and baste all my big projects. Then move to machine quilting. This tutorial is for when you are ready to combine the three layers of our quilt sandwich and ‘quilt’ our project. I haven't heard of the padding stitch before but it sounds like it works well. Heather Thomas shows you how to baste a large quilt on a table that is smaller than the quilt by using clamps and only pinning in the areas she plans to quilt. Even though I have a longarm there are times when I want to quilt something on my domestic and have always used pins. The first thing I do is tape my backing to my banquet tables. I hand basted once and it seemed to take forever. I like to press both layers together to get all wrinkles out. It's not as if we pay you - though, probably we should! I used my hera and a ruler to mark my lines. I do use pins and don't mind closing them. I have to admit that a free motion quilting foot gets caught on the threads, but stop and take out your safety pins in the area you will free motion, so do the same thing with the thread. But, it's interesting nonetheless. Traditional hand quilting requires a thimble, small quilting needles called ‘Betweens’ and a heavier thread specifically for quilting. Huh!! Huh!! Now, if I could just convince myself to hand quilt. A longarmer (a friend or a local quilt shop) can load a quilt on the frame and baste it up pretty quickly. I do a lot of ditch quilting, which I love to do, and I do it on my regular machines. If you want to create more visual interest in the quilt you can stitch lines or patterns in other directions. The thought of opening and closing 500 safety pins is just not appealing. Pin quilt top starting at the center. Check out this cool tutorial from Sharon Holland: Note Bene: Homemade Spray Baste would not work for this method because the moisture of the baste will make it too heavy to stay on the wall. I also really like to use the DMC pearl cotton for a bigger stitch look. When I am your center lines which all other basting will start from. I will have to look that up. Pens with disappearing ink, chalk pencils etc. thanks so much for sharing your expertise with us...hugs, Julierose. I always worry about hitting a safety pin with my needle and messing my my machine's timing. Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. Site by Spunmonkey Design. Unsubscribe at anytime. I especially like to use water soluble thread for basting quilts. I had been hand basting, and had taught it to hundreds of students for almost 20 years when I read in a new book about machine quilting that you must never, ever hand baste for machine quilting. thread than a safety pin. Stray basting smaller quilts so much less work. It seems tedious, but doing it carefully will result in a professional-looking finished project. You should write whatever strikes your fancy! Thanks for your help, I wanna do my own quilting this upcoming year, so you were vert helpful. Because it’s hard for all that bulk to fit through your machine, roll the sides in.

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