how to identify old martin ukulele

These sites declare that any uke with wooden pegs is from the early '20s and that there was a transition to T frets in the 1930s - both are wrong, BTW. The bindings are also distinctive. Small pearl paired-diamond inlays at fret 5, 7, 9. I have what I believe is a pre-1926 cf martin & company ukulele made in nazareth pa. – dot on frets 5, 7, 10 Large vintage retailers like Elderly Instruments will have the expertise and experience to properly identify them, but many smaller shops don’t have that knowledge. Discontinued Aloha Ukulele Dude- That says Type 1, 1935 or later. Ukes have the Martin stamp on the back of the peghead until 1935. – appears to be mahogany with rosewood fret board First 200 or so ukes serial numbered, thereafter without. Type: Suprano. Another thing to check is how many frets from nut to body? Martin has had five Styles, or quality levels, of instruments that they produced. If your Style 0 or 1 comes with peg tuners, it was made before 1927. Is it worth anything? They all copy each other and are based on misinformation from the Longworth book (Mike L got his info from employee memories - CFM kept lousy records on ukes). I’m trying to identify a Martin I got from a car boot sale Decals can be added or removed, but impressed stamps are much more difficult. Hello, would you help me identify my Martin? But if you like it and play it, that is certainly better than it sitting in a closet! Is it stamped on the back of the peg head? Martin Style 2 Uke specs: I could email you some photos. Martin ukes are considered to Martin Company were used by the authors to create this volume. "made in usa" to the inside stamp. Celluloid ornament on top, behind bridge (known as the "parend"). Has a double circle around hole, stamped Martin and co. est 1833 on head. I recently picked up a really nicely preserved style 2m soprano, complete with its original (vgc) Geib case, (now in a nice new Gator case btw), for a bargain price on US Ebay. Likely late 20’s Martin. This book has the history of the instrument within the Martin Company as well as pages of information about the differences between the Styles and the years certain changes were made. Most of the pictures you see on my posts are mahogany. No, as it is possible that it is from the early 40’s during World War II when they went back to peg tuners. Where should i get the best one? But just because it has tuners it doesn’t mean that is after 1927, as some retailers and special orders had geared tuners installed before that. Bar frets and decal, mid-1930s to early '40s. I don’t try to appraise instruments without an opportunity to hold and play them. – stamped on head-stock and inside: C F Martin & Co, Nazareth PA The Style 0 has no binding at all. – appears to be mahogany with rosewood fret board – dot on frets 5, 7, 10 – no serial# – stamped on head-stock and inside: C F Martin & Co, Nazareth PA – dark wooden pegs facing down, not on side – mahogany bridge with black saddle – black nut – no binding – 2 inlay rings around sound hole Widow of original owner said it was purchased new in 1920. The sound is unique and there is a sense of pride in owning an older instrument. apart from a couple of light scratches by the bridge and back it’s like new with a clear tone that’s surprising for such a small instrument Martin style 3 uke model made first in 1918, discontinued in the 1970s. The superb book, which I also bought, dates it to between 1934 and 1937. For example, in 1962 Martin added 3 lines inlaid down center of fingerboard. The value of the instrument is going to be dependent on the condition, the age, the type of wood and the size. Very cool! Style 0 if there is only one dot at 7. And just because they say it is worth several thousand dollars doesn’t mean that is an appropriate value. The recent ukuleles made since 2006, the 5K at least, have serial numbers now. These usually allow the time frame to be narrowed down to about a five year window. It seems to be a 1930s style 0? On the Style 5 it will be a stylized plus sign. I was recently given a martin ukulele by a friend I believe it to be a after 1935 style 1 it has dots on the 5th,double on the 7th and on the10th it is 12 frets from nut to body.It has brass tuners that go straight out the back with black finger knobs, black nut with bone saddle (white) beautiful mahogany top, back and sides. Features : 2 dots on 7th fret The Martin Ukulele: The Little Instrument That Helped Create a Guitar Giant, A Visit in the Berkshires – The Magic Fluke Company, Photographing Your Ukulele for Identification. Rosewood outer body binding with inner black/white. Note: It has been alleged that Martin used Abalone additionally It is going to be mahogany or koa.

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