how to revive a pineapple plant

They grew & produced fruit. Marian. No humans or pets were harmed during the production of these pineapples as houseplants. i anxiously await your answer. Is it worth repotting those in their own pots? Place the pot in full sun, preferably next to a south-facing wall that provides a warm microclimate. Is it best to plant it or to keep it as a house plant? Please use this form to do that: thanks for your help. It is about 4 years old. the leaves were healthy and now some are looking bad. Please can you send a email to me and let me know. 4 months later (now) it has more than doubled in size. I have had two pineapples that I started as suggested above. I've been growing a pineapple top for about a full year, and it seems to be dying. Not even a hint of fruit. If it doesn’t bloom on its own, one popular way to induce blooming is to expose the pineapple plant to ethylene gas by enclosing your pineapple plant in plastic with a few overripe apples for a few weeks during the winter. Like other bromeliads, it can be difficult to get a pineapple to bloom, and it’s not likely to bloom or produce fruit for two to three years. I know how much water it needs but that’s about all I know. Hi, Walter! The plant has been through a lot because I've moved it to college with me and back home during vacations. Want to know the easiest way to start growing a pineapple? Avoid harvesting green fruit; pineapples soften but don't ripen further once harvested. I too live in Arizona .. It is in the same pot. It is producing two more plants on each side. I find them easy to grow. To get rid of ants from any potted plant that was placed outside. Im going to be getting into planting tropical fruits like bananas, grapes, avocados, coconuts, cherries, oranges, papayas, and pineapples. Thanks for sharing your experience with the Today’s Homeowner community, Gill! We recommend contacting the Rutgers Master Gardener Helplines — it’s free! We and our partners will store and/or access information on your device through the use of cookies and similar technologies, to display personalised ads and content, for ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. Never get discouraged as long as your plant is green. It will take at least a year of growing to get a plant to this size. If so, and to stay safe, we recommend seeking local advice. His extensive hands-on experience and understanding of the industry make him the go-to source for all things having to do with the home – from advice on simple repairs, to complete remodels, to helping homeowners prepare their homes for extreme weather and seasons. I’ll surely enjoy all 3 fruit this year, but next year I may open a roadside stand. It has a … Let sit for 15 minutes and then rinse off. Thanks for sharing your experience, Qais! It’s a public service. How is the pineapple growing? regards. Try setting the plant and pot on its side in between waterings to make the hormones it needs to flower. Thanks for sharing your experience with the community, Jack! All rights reserved. When should I repot it? Great question! Actually its a nice looking plant that’s growing along with the leaves but what is that? I have found that after about 3 years you need to ignore the plant. Sprinkle some manure over the leaves and water it in. I really want the plant to grow so I will take all of the help I can get. Cut the stem just below the fruit with a sharp knife to avoid damaging the parent plant. So, this holiday season, we created a giving campaign for two of our favorite non-profits who are working to help put food on the tables of hungry families across the U.S. and around the world. What fun it was to see it blossom in the past year. Thanks in advance! I have so many plants in there it looks like a jungle. I can’t wait for my pineapple to appear. It helps relax me and now I just go spend time with my plants to relax. Question 3: it seems like there are two smaller plants in the same pot. I trimmed another row of leave, and finally yesterday I potted the plant and placed it in our sunny north side porch where it gets the morning to noon sun. At first I thought perhaps it was being over watered because of a few weeks of intense rain. When I’ve done this they seem to grown so much better. My just wanted the foliage, she never in her wildest dreams thought it would bear fruit. She continues to write nonfiction articles on gardening and other topics and is working on a second "50" book about plants that attract hummingbirds. Growing one for about five years and nothing. I just planted my pineapple so I hope it blooms! . A larger pot gives the pineapple plant room to grow. I can now see the roots forming around the bottom of the crown. Currently have four large pots, fill of plants that need to be divided. It will need more space inside once it gets too cold out. have two pineapples from one plant that grew the second one in the very large bucket. It grew like crazy and now (December 2015) a fruit is growing out of it. This summer I re-potted it in a bigger pot left it on the front porch. As you mentioned, too much water. He was addressing a … I am going to try the apple idea to see if we can get it to bloom. As suggested in above detail I planted pineapple tops here in Pakistan we have long summers and short winters and even in winters the temperature does not fall below 10 degree Celsius I planted them about 4 months ago.It took about 2 months for them to root and in no time the new leaves emerged and now one is about 5 inches tall and the other is i guess 4 inches tall but one is wide spread they are progressing well here one I have planted in a 20 inch container and other in a 12 inch container it has spines on borders spines are pink in color waiting for my fruits . Tripura government would soon chalk out a plan to boost pineapple production and revive closed pineapple processing plants in the state, Deputy Chief Minister Jishnu Devvarma said today. Hi, if your pineapple is not growing as expected, it might be due to several reasons. I can really tell when it grows! Here is a list of resources that can help you understand what is foing on with your pineapple plant: Was actually looking on here to see if another pineapple would grow from the original plant, but guess not so will dig that out now. Should I take it outside? Thank you!, I started 4 pineapples in pots 3.5 years ago in July. will this plant reproduce more fruit or is it finished after it produces these two pineapples. Through the winter I did notice that it grew better outdoors. I am in Canada so cold winter and I live on the 14th floor of a condo. I thought they were suppose to grow on the bottom of the fruit. What a waste of previous time. Reading for your article I knew that I may get the fruit or not. The next year one of them gave me fruit, the “mom” plant has two fruit and at least 5-6 buds. If you have any suggestions, they'd be greatly appreciated! Great article! Reply. This BOP was located at some height on Indo-Bangla border. It took about 3 years, but both plants got flowers which several months later turned into very tasty ripe pineapples. Hey piney peeps!! Root- tone says on the label not to be used for food plants. 2 years ago I threw a top into the garden during the summer to decompose. University of Florida IFAS Gardening Solutions: Disinfecting Your Garden Tools, University of Florida IFAS Extension: Pineapple Growing in the Florida Home Landscape. Can you tell me what I can to do to control this fungus? New pineapple plants are grown from slips, hapas, leaf suckers, root suckers called ratoons and the crown of the harvested fruit. thank you. Thanks for the tips! . Should I trim off brown end on every leaf? Sign up for our newsletter. I've brought the plant back inside, with artificial light and a window, so that I can control the water amount, but is there anything else I can do? Fill a 5-gallon growers' pot or a 24-inch-wide container with a moist potting mix or a homemade mix of equal parts compost, coarse sand and peat moss or coconut coir. We recommend submitting it to our gardening expert on the Today’s Homeowner Radio Show. Dilute dish soap with water and place in a spray bottle. Take care! Cover in-ground plants with a frost blanket or plastic sheeting propped up with stakes and anchored with bricks or rocks. Very disappointed but am trying another one. Master gardeners train on a range of topics so they can provide advice, at no charge, for people in their area. They were small but delicious. terence, When should it be put in bigger pot? I'll give it another go with less water and not buried so deep.

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