international egg pasteurization manual

Corresponding indicator thermometer reading during processing. To all differential pressure controllers used to control the operation of flow diversion devices on ESL systems. age, compression, metal fatigue, etc.). The filled and sealed containers are then refrigerated. Record the indicating thermometer reading on the recorder chart; inscribe initials. Gauges or sensors must be located at the heating medium inlet to the heating section and product outlet of the heating section upstream of the holding tube. The indicating thermometer sensor and the recorder controller temperature sensor in the sensing chamber shall be in close proximity to one another (e.g. Whenever any alteration is made affecting the holding time, the velocity of the flow or the capacity of the holding tube. homogenizing the dispersion to reduce the size of coagulated particles to an average particle size of less than 2 microns to form a smooth-textured, opaque liquid egg composition; to thereby obtain a liquid egg composition which is stable at refrigerator temperatures for at least 30 days. Immerse the 2nd or more as required sensing element in the bath. In order for an establishment to be able to identify which seal has been removed, replaced and recorded, the seals themselves need to be coded. If recording thermometer reads higher than indicating thermometer, the pen should be adjusted by the operator. Activate the manual button while operating the. To all dual stem flow diversion devices in which product may be pocketed between the two valve seats while the valve is in diverted flow position (applicable to HTST only). There is proper pressure differential in the regeneration section. A holding tube 28 can be provided following catalase injection to allow sufficient time for catalase to break down peroxide. Two factors would prevent the flow control device from operating; If the positive displacement pump is equipped with a by-pass line, it must not be used during processing. 426/330.1, 426/399, 426/521, 426/614, 426/399, 426/521, 426/614, 426/319, 426/370, 426/330.1, 426/372, 426/106. The average of these tests is the holding time for water in forward flow. This is why it's so important to immediately cold the eggs and keep them in the fridge, to avoid a spore contamination. This technology permitted the marketing and wide availability of a health-oriented product highly desired by many egg lovers. Plant management is ultimately responsible for the safety of the finished product and that includes the responsibility to ensure that equipment and/or pipelines are not installed or operated in a manner that will jeopardize the safety of pasteurized products, or the integrity of CIP systems. In product mode: Timing pump starter is energized if: 1. Determine the Reynolds number at the maximum flow rate for water and for the most viscous products to be processed using the following formula: where: Mv = average time required to deliver a measured volume of product. Checked periodically against a known accurate thermometer. To attain the minimum holding time it is critical that the design of the holding tube prevents air from being incorporated into the system. HTST, Batch and Extended Shelf Life (ESL) pasteurization systems) within an establishment must be tested in accordance with the test procedures found in this chapter. Plant management must thoroughly review all proposed installations, and advise the processed egg establishment inspection authorities of intended changes. Pneumatic testing device as shown in figure 4 (see task 17). Turn off the booster pump switch and return the pressure sensors to their normal process locations. Following the holding tube 22, the liquid egg composition is cooled to 49° C. in heat exchanger 24. they start to look milky. This picture demonstrates a close-coupled by-pass connection, which allows for product to by-pass the booster pump. Food Product Formulary, 1974 vol. If the homogenizer is used as the flow control device, there must not be a by-pass (recirculation line) around the homogenizer during processing. Unlike dairy processing, during shutdown or divert modes, the delicate nature of liquid egg to high temperature may cause the liquid egg in the heat exchanger to coagulate and block the system. Computers are different from hard-wired controls in three major areas. I was the only one who could get down at that sharp angle (my mother was too buxom/fat and my brother was too small...! It will be necessary to manually dye check both plates to determine which is leaking. Plant management must ensure in conjunction with their valve supplier/manufacturer that valves used in their system are suitable for the intended purpose and meet the minimum requirements of Appendix IV. The frequency pen is de-energized during diverted flow and it moves down to indicate a divert condition. My memory is going back 65 + years, think on - but we had an old tin bath at the bottom of the under-stairs cupboard (which we used as a pantry) and my memory is that the fluid was water (??) Nos. Should the reading be below the minimum pasteurization temperature, the cut-in and cut-out mechanism and/or the differential temperature mechanism should be adjusted to obtain proper cut-in and cut-out temperatures by repeated tests.

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