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Our kombucha is flavoured with locally sourced and seasonal produce, with flavour as our number one priority.m. We like to think of the Can range as the ‘naughty cousin’, with an extra functional property. “Those pickling and fermenting skills directly translated to the kombucha world,” he says. Mailer McGuire Kombucha – Wild Hops KombuchaRoar Brewing, NSW8. If you are unsure of introducing something new to your child’s body, we recommend consulting with your healthcare professional. 2. Kombu Kombucha – Neat & Natural Kombu Kombucha Pty Ltd, NSW. Our Kombucha can be enjoyed by children and is a great alternative to sugary juices and soda. The overall winner of the non-alcoholic category was the Sin-ko-nah Tonic Syrup (Original) by Bowled Over Beverages. Get the best of Broadsheet straight to your inbox, © 2020 Broadsheet Media. 1. Rating: 100%. And, to add an extra sparkle of happiness to our brews - we play beautiful 432Hz Reki healing music in our fermentation room 24 hours a day, to ensure what we love to call, ‘Happy Cultures’. Over time, the live culture works its magic to transform the tea into a tangy, naturally effervescent drink, bubbling with living goodness to support overall wellbeing. Kombucha offers a unique, complex and intriguing flavour profile- a little bit fruity, tangy, tarty and yeasty all at the same time, offering a rainbow of happy sensations on the taste buds. Hamilton-Smith says not skimping on sugar means a more approachable, full-flavoured product that’s still less sweet than soft drinks or juice. Browse The  complete collection of articles at Soft Drinks Today and let us know your feedback! Happy Culture Kombucha (Pty) Ltd. Cape Winelands, ERF … Add to Cart. Our Water Kefir is also also tightly monitored to remain below the 0,5% mark. This article is produced by Broadsheet in partnership with Drink Easy. Heal Thy Soda – Ginger BeerHeal Thy Soda, VIC10. “I really backed myself,” he says. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Non – Salted Raspberry & Chamomile Fun fact: fermentation was one of the safest ways to preserve foods before refrigeration was invented. 4. Lyre’s – Italian OrangeLyre’s Spirits Co, NSW2. Judges said of the Victorian tonic in their tasting notes: A remarkable tonic. We recommend starting slow, with max 1 x 340ml / day initially, and seeing how your body responds. Sin-ko-nah Tonic Syrup – OriginalBowled Over Beverages, VIC2. If you can feel your body is enjoying the benefits, then it’s ok to continue enjoying them. There’ll be a new seasonal flavour every few months, starting in summer with a blend of watermelon, strawberry and rose. 9. Maps ©. Kefie – Hopped Water Kefir Find out more about PET and how you can recycle by visiting our packaging page. ✦ 0% Sugar  ✦ Medically recognised probiotics (Bifidobacterium Lactis and Lactobacillus acidophilus) ✦ With added Vitamin B12 ✦ Crafted with Mineral Water ✦ Naturally Caffeine free. A landmark product. “A lot of kombucha is made with a really low amount of sugar – most is consumed during fermentation – which makes for a watery result,” says Hamilton-Smith. The main risks around kombucha and pregnancy are pertaining to caffeine and alcohol content. It soon became a calling for them to share its wonders with people far and wide, while spread happiness along the way. Capi – Flamin’ Ginger BeerFresh Local PTY LTD, VIC4. Seco Sparkling – Spiced Pineapple ... Frucor Suntory Australia Pty Ltd … Margaret River Kombucha Co, WA After a four- or five-week fermentation it’s flavoured, lightly carbonated and bottled. Heal Thy Soda, VIC 7. Capi – Flamin’ Ginger Beer Both ranges have the same organic green tea kombucha as a base. HALO Alcoholic Kombucha is a low sugar, low carb, organic alcoholic kombucha available in two deliciously refreshing flavours, Berry Lime and Lemon Ginger. $48.00. Works with still and sparkling water, but lock it in with a G&T and it’s happy days. Bootlegger Australia Pty Ltd, VIC Backed by years of kitchen experience, a trusty science degree and countless food inspired holidays it seemed like a no brainer to start brewing a full-flavoured kombucha. Amplify Organic Kombucha is a delicious and refreshing drink that is actively good for you. Non, VIC The kombucha fermentation alchemy yields a whole lot of living goodness including : billions of gut-loving cultures, a range beneficial organic acids (mostly acetic, like apple cider vinegar), digestive enzymes and electrolytes. Founder at Kombu Kombucha Sydney, Australia 176 connections. ‘Kombucha’  is sparkling fermented tea drink, crafted using an ancient Eastern Tradition. Weichelt Pty Ltd, TAS The flavour profile is much lighter than kombucha so great for those who want refreshment with probiotic benefits but without the stronger, more acquired taste of kombucha. Wild Kombucha By Ballsy – Naughty Nettle Nettle & Rosella Wild Kombucha, on-tap refillable range Mailer McGuire Kombucha – Midnight Chai KombuchaRoar Brewing, NSW6. A landmark product. Flora Kombucha – Strawberry & Mint KombuchaWeichelt Pty Ltd, TAS5. (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria & Yeast) & wait for the magic fermentation process to happen. 4. Add to Cart. 9. The awards came to a close in late 2019, with a three-day blind tasting of wine, beer and cider, spirits and – in an Australian first – non-alcoholic beverages. To craft Kombucha, a base of sweetened tea is combined with a live culture, known as a SCOBY. Broadsheet is a trade mark used under licence by Broadsheet Media Pty Ltd from BM IP Pty Ltd as trustee for the BM IP Trust. Non, VIC The winners of the inaugural Drink Easy Awards are in. And as an extra touch of goodness, we have added a generous sprinkle of vitamin B12 to further boost your health with every sip. But remember, no shaking !! 9. Again, best to start with smaller quantities (i.e 200ml / day), and to enjoy in moderation. Non-alcoholic “alcoholics”. TasPop – Mandarin Lime & Bitters The award aims to unearth not just the best non-alcoholic Australian drinks, but the best drinks overall. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Kombu Kombucha Pty Ltd, NSW 10. Our kombucha is of course also available for purchase directly from our online store, with free delivery to your home. 3. A regular market pop-up, probably in the inner west, isn’t too far off. Patio Beverages, NSW 6. Wild Kombucha By Ballsy – Naughty Nettle Nettle & Rosella Wild Kombucha, on-tap refillable rangeO’llab Pty Ltd, NSW7. Happy Culture Kombucha was founded in Cape Town in 2017, when founders (and life partners) Mark and Manon lovingly fused their passion for health, happiness and bubbles, with a greater vision to inspire beautiful evolutions, by supporting people on their path to a healthy and happy life. David Hamilton-Smith has his eye on a different corner of the market, one that’s about flavour, not health. All the latest breaking news on Soft Drinks industry and manufacturers. This alcohol is in fact intrinsically beneficial, as it provides a natural form of food preservation – Nature’s self-defence against contamination and bacteria. Lyre’s – Vermouth RossoLyre’s Spirit Co, NSW3. Lyre's – Vermouth Rosso Kombu is “a complete 180 on that”. Our founder, Dave grew up in a food-centric world, where a life full of culinary adventure was inevitable. Juice Culture, VIC Yes we are Halal certified with ICSA (cert : 6329), © 2020 Happy Culture Kombucha • All Rights Reserved • Privacy Policy, https://www.kombuchakamp.com/kombucha-tea-pregnancy-safety-probiotics-fermented-foods, https://www.wellandgood.com/good-advice/kombucha-pregnancy. See the ‘Let’s Connect’ page or email us to find the nearest retailers to you. Soft Drinks, mixers, shrubs and cordials. Shop the entire Remedy Drinks range online including Remedy Kombucha, Remedy Switchel, Remedy Coconut Water Kefir, Remedy Good Energy, Remedy Soda and Remedy Tepache. Again, best to start with smaller quantities to test the body’s response and to consult your medical practitioner if you have any concerns or questions. And rightly so – it fast became a full-time job and output is soon to hit 1000 litres a week. Kombucha is believed to have originated in Northeast China around 220 B.C, where it became loved for its healing properties. Fresh Local PTY LTD, VIC Lyre’s Spirits Co, NSW Sin-ko-nah Tonic Syrup – Original … 4. Founder at Kombu Kombucha Sydney, Australia 176 connections. … Somersault – Lemon Squash & MatchaSomersault Soda, VIC4. For optimal quality and experience, we suggest consuming within three days of opening. The brewer behind Kombu Kombucha is interested in one thing: flavour.

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