kombucha for beginners

I hate to admit I've ever actually had Kombucha - and this post really makes me want to make it at home!! Sorry for the late response - Melbourne fireworks were awesome but not as good as Sydney's! For my first batch I literally was sh!t scared to try the Kombucha because I was afraid I was going to poison myself.....but I'm still here! I made kombucha (and even weirder - REJUVELAC!) It's definitely worth trying out! Make sure everything is sanitized before you begin. Kombucha is not for everyone's tastes. We've never heard of a strawberry SCOBY per se - is there such a thing? An organic farm/ health food store near me has Scoby's. I made my first batch and on the second batch fom a dehydrated scoby in a kit. Maybe I'll try making my own now thanks to your very thorough guide. Today I decided to write a post on how to brew kombucha, the safe and easy way for beginners.I’m sure you’ve heard about Kombucha – it’s all the rage. Where did you purchase the glass bottles for bottling? Lets cross our fingers ;) I confess, the whole thing is so new to me so I can see why you'd be freaked out when your neighbor brought that cup over. Reply Hope the New Year has been treating you well! Amrita. Yup! I threw it away. I am the only one that drinks it in my family and I only drink 2-3 ounces a day. But as long as you take measures to keep your hands, jar, and scoby clean, you'll be all good. Deep breath! It was only after my bad reaction that I found out it was made from fermented bacteria and yeast. Testing pH also helps warn you if you're starting to grow bad bacteria. Thanks for the informative post, I definitely am now inspired to make it myself! It'll definitely rekindle your love for kombucha, maybe even in new and inventing ways! i haven't made Kombucha in a while...question and i didn't read the comments so forgive me if i repeat ... the strawberry Kombucha... did you make that and than put the SCOBY in it or is that a strawberry SCOBY? *If you’ve flavored your kombucha using herbs and no fruit, add a few raisins to the bottle before putting it in the closet for the second ferment. Congrats on the fresh brew Brianne! Does it taste yummy like normal tea or like a funky health food drink? like the kind at whole foods has different tasteing kinds any help much appreciated. What happens if your kombucha is too sour and you start over? It came in kombucha liquid. Ive had to throw a few away now because I've run out of space....but I heard you can bury them in the garden to fertilize plants! :), OK, I am stopped by the maybe "dying" part. Make sure this is secure so nothing can get it. Sometimes, your kombucha has built up so much gas inside the bottles during the second ferment that it wants to geyser out when you release the pressure in Step 6. The final product is definitely worth it -- it's as much a labor of love as it is nice to drink! Loved reading this! Amrita. Amrita, Thank you very much Leslie, appreciate that! 1 year ago Pinning.. :), Most definitely! I read that burying them in soil next to plants helps boost your plants nutrients for a while! I can't wait to try it!! I would send you a scoby if only I knew how to dehydrate it without killing it!!! Every health and organic store is … Amrita, eww...a scoby sounds gross...except for the one you have there with the smiley face :) I've never actually tried kombucha. Add your scoby and ACV to the cooled tea and then cover with muslin and a rubber band. of the tea mixture in the top. I had a peach kombucha beer while canning tomatoes with a friend last year and would love to duplicate that. :), Hey Cheryl! Brewing kombucha is actually kinda fun! When you are done bottling, you can set the bottles aside to continue rounding out their flavor for a couple more days and then move them to the fridge. pint-sized bottles or 3 quart-sized bottles of kombucha, that can hold 1 gallon of water Not made of aluminum, large enough to cover the gallon glass jar with plenty of hang off, or 3 quart-sized swing top bottles, cleaned well and sterilized, from a friend's batch or use unflavored, unpasturized kombucha from the store - this is the starter kombucha, fruit juice, and/or herbs used for flavoring, 50 Detox Drinks to Reboot Your System & Lose Weight, 22 Truly Detoxifying Juices, Drinks & Smoothies - No Gojis No Glory, 3 Reasons I'm Thankful for My Many Allergies, Meals with Mom | Fiesta Friday #34 | The Novice Gardener, How to Make Nut-Free Pesto (in 5 minutes), Easy, No-Churn Vanilla Bean Ice Cream without Sweetened Condensed Milk! :) So how can I make sure I don't kill myself and my whole family? Amrita. What an insanely detailed guide, this is fantastic. Thanks again! It's a big disc of yeast and bacteria (good bacteria). Tasting and pH strip testing your kombucha will help with identifying the different stages your brew is in. This Instructable shows you how to get started making your own kombutcha at home. Signed, What's a good pH? First thing you do is remove the scoby (and any baby scobies) and set aside. Hi Cindy! I tried it and had a bad reaction to it. Transfer the cooled tea to your jar. Amrita, I had never even thought of making my own KOMBUCHA ! Clarke loves Health-Ade kombucha, which comes in sixteen different organic flavors. I've been brewing my booch for over a month now and have a little farm growing in my husband's office! Thank you so much, Sarah!! But I try to think of it as a piece of Jello to make myself feel better. Bring 1 gallon of water to a boil. Sometimes if you don't add enough sugar, the tea tastes very "off" and sour, it could have been that! (Sorry for the late reply), About: I work in the mental health field as therapist in a residential treatment program. Our apologies for the ultra late response. I have not made kombucha in quite a long time. I never tried that, so now I really want to start making it again. A great variety too - from sweet to subtle, all of which tasted invigorating! Amrita. I will have to do an update. I've done triple berry (straw, rasp & blue), strawberry, gingerberry (blueberry & ginger) and raspberry lemonade. Powered by WordPress. Place a sandwich bag over the top of your bottle and place the bottle in a bowl. The first ferment can take anywhere from 5-30 days. Love that little kick! Honestly, my littler scoby is in the cupboard, and I'm too afraid to check if it's dead. Thank you Priscilla. Whoa! It intimidated me like crazy at first too...in fact the first time I tried it, I wanted to make it myself but then I checked online and ............I was like no thanks! I love that you talked about the second stage and making it fizz. I am yet to jump on the kombucha bandwagon - I have never tried or made it before. Is a high/low pH something that can/should be corrected or is that just a test to make sure it's all right to drink? on Step 6. To be honest kombucha brewing (is brewing the right word? Using a scoby with mold on it? I finally convinced him to not smell while taking a sip and agreed it was good! Join my mailing list and get weekly recipe updates. This is such a great tutorial though, I really have no excuses though. Since I do a secondary fermentation to produce a carbonated flavored kombucha, I also have mason jars (or you can use flip-top jars or anything airtight). buttt scoby??? using a dead scoby?? Our pleasure, Joanna! We hope this helps you - I am not an expert but I'm glad for us to all learn together! Hey hey hey Laura! That being said, following these instructions is pretty foolproof, and you'll almost definitely end up with a nice brew of kombucha! So sorry for the late response as we had missed your initial comment. When your kombucha is ready, you can begin transferring it from the brew jar to individual bottles for the second fermentation. Thanks!! I've seen and heard about it everywhere but haven't gotten around to buying it. Chances of dying are low, I promise. Let us know what you think of it once you try it, whether it be store bought or homemade! The strands lefted over in the tea will eat the sugar from the fruit and continue to ferment, giving you the bubbles :). Amrita. I haven't made it in a couple years, mostly because we moved and I have no idea where to get a fresh scoby, but would love to back in the habit. (plus surprise topping), Crystallized Ginger Blood Orange Shortcakes for Two, Date Night Chicken Pasta with Spinach, Bacon, & Parmesan, 8 Drinks Perfect for Ringing in the New Year. Amrita. You could brew a nice large batch and keep them safely in the fridge though - the tea can be separated and stored for a good period of time with no problems. I'm a bit frightened. Have either a cheesecloth, paper towel, or kitchen towel. Levan was a bit iffy with the smell though, because it smells like Apple Cider Vinegar. But I'm admitting it!!! I drink it in my smoothie every morning which hides the taste. It's also super expensive to buy a single sized serving bottle at the store. My attempts at adding favors did not go so well either, so I am glad you covered that as well. Add Starter: Pour the sweetened tea into your jar, then pour in unflavored starter kombucha… The thought of making kombucha seemed overwhelming and scary, but your post is very informative and makes it seem easy! Thank you! As long as you follow the instructions above you will be fine.

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