library shelving systems

View More. library shelving Modern libraries are dynamic spaces, offering areas in which to relax, socialise and study. We have a great selection of quality steel shelving, wood shelving, and mobile shelving options to suit your library. Download our free brochure to learn more about repurposing, designing, and preparation for library transformation. Advanced Procurement for Universities and Colleges, ARA (The Archives and Records Association), Download our Pro Libero library storage brochure, Download our Flo Libero library storage brochure. Static X-Tend High-Bay Shelving is similar to traditional shelving, but extends up to 35 feet high to make the most of the vertical space in your facility. Click for a free consultation with our specialists. There’s no cost and no obligation, so contact us today! Illinois Institute of Technology Architectural Library. The contemporary library should be inspirational, while providing spaces for quiet reflection – a learning environment that encourages exploration, where information and stock is clearly displayed and easily accessible. When the St. Louis Public Library opened in 1912, a structural shelving system for “the stacks”—considered a major engineering feat of its time, was seven floors high, stretching up from the basement level. Browse photos organized by room to find design and space planning ideas for your specific needs. Spacefulness offers intelligent, space-saving solutions that always forms part of the bigger picture. We provide a range of library storage solutions including static library shelving, mobile storage for libraries and much more. View More. Optimize the storage of all your resources, from administrative documents in your office to the books and periodicals in your library, with our high-density mobile or static shelving solutions. Libraries have unique shelving needs. Discover how! Not only is the new space safer, but it’s also brighter and easier to navigate. We provide a range of library storage solutions including static library shelving, mobile storage for libraries and much more. 800.548.7204 Your library is unique, and you’ll find that our Estey ® Library Shelving Systems accommodate your needs unlike any other. Whether archiving highly valuable books, documents and artefacts, storing important research documents, or storing and displaying books for public borrowing, it’s essential for storage systems to ensure that materials are not only kept safe and secure, but are easy to find and access when needed. As libraries change to meet the needs of their communities, staff face the challenge of finding space for modern uses while still accommodating ever-growing collections of books and other materials. Estey Library Shelving is designed to be functional, versatile, and aesthetically beautiful while offering years of quality performance. Adjustability for future storage possibilities. Our range of static and mobile storage systems are designed with day-to-day functionality in mind and bespoke solutions can be developed to suit any requirements. Please do not hesitate to call us at 1.877.935.0236 if we can be of any immediate assistance. Download our Pro Libero library storage brochure Download our Flo Libero library storage brochure. TECHNOLOGY ACCESS Modern libraries are dynamic spaces, offering areas in which to relax, socialise and study. Our display shelving, compact shelving, and other library shelving solutions are intended to help libraries better serve patrons’ needs. All rights reserved. Choose from a variety of multimedia accessories uniquely designed for library use to store samples, magazines, movies, games, oversized books and more. 4-Post Library Shelving System. We’ve outlined some of the basics here, but be sure to check in with your local Spacesaver distributor to take advantage of their knowledge and experience. Protect and preserve with ergonomic access and maximum accessibility. Find a variety of products to help your library reduce virus spread while maintaining important services. Since most libraries have limited financial resources, our systems reduce administrative costs by saving 50% of the space used. Mobile and static storage solutions as well as drawers, racks and other hardware for flexible browsing. A beautiful addition to Aurora Library Shelving is Wood-Tek™, rich wood end panels and wood-cladding to give the appearance of wooden library shelving with the superior strength and greater weight capacity of Aurora steel shelving. Looking for color or style inspirations? Academic librarians need to balance students’ desire for more open and collaborative workspaces with researchers’ need for convenient access to research materials. See how we can work with you to design a library shelving solution that supports your vision and fulfills your library’s mission. Using high-density mobile shelving enabled the historic St. Louis Central Library to consolidate its collection from a seven-tiered central system onto just three interior mezzanine-like floors, plus the basement level of the library. Once entered, the sale prices in your catalog will also display on this website. Planning and constructing an off-site library shelving facility requires a great deal of time, effort, and expertise. Today, library shelving systems are being called on to do more than ever. rackline mobile storage benefits companies, libraries, galleries, hospitals and others looking to store more in less space., Note: If you do not know your order number call for assistance. It is often studied of which home library shelving systems's colorations have an effect on an individual's moods. Well-built shelves can also endure for years and integrate seamlessly with your library’s interior design. Opening the Book offers two high quality shelving systems: Active shelving gives maximum flexibility for dynamic, hard-working spaces and Performance shelving creates open, organic layouts. Call us today for free design help or a volume quote. Once in a great while, a library itself is transformed, and that’s where Spacesaver comes in. And with configurable display accessories, organizing aids, and customizable end panels, your shelving will look just as great as it performs. All Spacesaver products contain recycled steel, and we frequently work with designers and architects to create custom end panels and other design elements from recycled materials. Our Research & Development department and our experienced customer service team ensure that we can design and customize our products so that we meet all your requirements. By continuing to browse our website, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Libraries and archives are trying to fit an increasing number of irreplaceable materials into a decreasing amount of storage space. Placing books and other materials on high-density compact shelving can open up space for meeting areas, classrooms, cafes, and other uses. Please contact us on 01782 770 144 to find out more about our library storage systems and to learn how we can tailor our storage solutions to suit your requirements. Contact us to learn more about library shelving options. © 2020 Copyright Spacesaver Corporation. Our range of library shelving systems have proven themselves across a number of libraries across New Zealand and Australia. Shelving systems to display or collate any book effortlessly. 4-POST CIRCULAR LIBRARY AND OFFICE SHELVING SYSTEMS WITH OR WITHOUT CASTERS. For over sixty years, Aurora has been a mainstay of libraries that demand versatile, sturdy, and beautiful storage. Our compact static and mobile shelving solutions for libraries have been painstakingly designed to address your concerns: the ability to evolve as your collections expand, protecting books and other documents, smooth integration into the layout of your library, and the safety of users. Perforated shelving, sometimes installed in conjunction with perforated end panels, helps maintain ideal conditions to preserve rare books and other historic documents.

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