mica powder cruelty

According to SOMO, a quarter of the world’s mica comes from the eastern Indian states of Jharkand and Bihar, where more than 22,000 children work in mica mines. With makeup we at least have some more power as consumers to make better choices. They’re added! “It’s not going to be the exact same as a brand you’d find in a drug store or a department store, but the things that make us different are the things that I’m proud of.”. Please read more about the responsible Mica initiative here. But feel freedom for the adults in the family. Mine collapses are quite common, children use hazardous equipment, like picks and hammers and, according to a recent article in Marie Claire, they’re constantly breathing in “fine particles [of mica, which] can lead to respiratory conditions like asthma, silicosis, and tuberculosis.”, “That kind of poverty is not very familiar to Canadians,” says Cheryl Hotchkiss, the vice president of public engagement at World Vision Canada. A natural makeup, skincare, and beauty brand. This was one of my first thoughts, but unfortunately no. Since they operate as an MLM I don’t consider them to be an ethical company. As I discovered this was a more sustainable packaging choice. “Mineral cosmetics are colored with ingredients like iron oxides, talc, zinc oxide, and titanium dioxide. Thanks, Your email address will not be published. From Mica mining to schools, constructions of schools, improving meals, toilets, and clean drinking water.”www.reddit.com   So they are already doing more than most of us in terms of supporting the less fortunate. Got it! Those are great colors, and I would love to find that palette! This means that Mica Powder is a natural and non-toxic product. What they say: “Our suppliers work within the Ethical Trade Initiative and do not employ child labour in the mining and processing of their products. This means they are trying their best to source out all unethical employers, including those that use illegal use child labour. “Which, makes efforts towards moving children in poor villages. And also changing the lids to bamboo. Grenier says the majority of customers are really understanding of this product inconsistency because it’s important that brands are transparent. We take a purists stance when it comes to color – refusing to partake in unethical sourcing practices that are harmful to people, animals or the environment”, And on a mica blog post they say “Because our suppliers own their supply chain from harvesting to processing and distribution, we can assure only the highest quality micas, mined without the use of child labor, are used in our formulations”. First of all just to clarify, I am of course against child labour or unfair trade. Canadian makeup and beauty line with all mica-free products. What they say: “The mica used in Elate products is fair trade, and sourced from suppliers who are active members of the Responsible Mica Initiative.”, Please see above about about certifications and the RMI. It’s basically a legal pyramid scheme and many people are unfortunately taken advantage of. Northlore is a small Canadian company that first drew my attention to this issue, and source responsibly. Mica is incredibly common – if you check your makeup products you will likely find it listed as an ingredient in most of them (it can also be labelled as CI 77019). According to Pure Anada’s website, the supplier owns the mines and funds daycare and school programs to help improve the quality of life for its employees in India. And the Mica powered is sourced from Europe. A mineral makeup company who uses synthetic mica. To purchase products with the most natural ingredients in. The rep also said that they were in the process of re-doing their website which is why I couldn’t find this info publicly. In India child labour is definitely. And bypassed having to test their products on animals to sell in China. I found this about BeautyCounter – https://blog.beautycounter.com/beauty-comes-clean-the-truth-about-mica/ Is to not consume anything at all! They’re also vegan and cruelty free. Even those that are legally working and following proper policies and procedures. And Coty, which owns CoverGirl, OPI, Sally Hansen and Rimmel London, has at least acknowledged that its supply chain may include child labour. Their makeup is very good and affordable, too! It’s also extremely dangerous, according to SOMO’s mica mining report, “of all forms of hazardous work, mining is by far the most mortally dangerous sector for children”. Procter & Gamble, Coty Inc. and L’Oréal Paris Group are three of the largest brands that use mica. “Reach out to your favourite brand… and ask them what they know about their mica supply chain,” says Candace Grenier, the founder of Pure Anada. According to 2016 investigation by Reuters, seven children died in mica mines in just two months. Even if that means, paying more and importing products from the other side of the world, through the internet. ( Log Out /  The truth is boycotts effect the complete supply of many people’s income.

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