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Blue Yeti USB Microphone (Blackout Edition) With that being said, if you are ready to purchase the Mikey now, you may want to hold out. Le micro Blue Microphones Mikey 2 s'adresse aux musiciens ou à tous ceux désirant bénéficier d'une solution d'enregistrement nomade. Second, there’s the USB port, which allowed a TuneTalk-equipped iPod to charge while it was recording or just plugged in. The head of the microphone rotates back and forth 90 degrees and clicks with a satisfying snap as it bends. No matter how you use it, you'll love the high-quality recordings you can make with the Blue Mikey Digital iOS interface. The year was 2003, and Apple was on its third iteration of the original hard disk-based iPod: the first to include a Dock Connector at the bottom for charging and audio output, and the first with a new headphone accessory port that could provide both power and microphone-in functionality for the device. Il est orientable sur 230 degrés. Look and Feel: FEATURES One solution for improving audio recordings is Blue Microphones’ Mikey, a small external microphone that plugs into the dock connector port of most recent Apple handhelds. Fermés, HP 6 mm, sensibilité 104 dB, 5 embouts. 5-G & 5-1 & 5-2 & 5-3, Petaling Utama Avenue, Jalan PJS 1/50, Petaling Utama, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Compatible: iPod 5G, classic, nano 2G/3G/4G. You can hear an audio sample comparing Lloyd and Mikey here. H/P             : 016-3111286Tel               : 03-77733372. At medium gain, the Mikey does an excellent job picking  up lectures and other group dialogue. iLounge © 2001 – 2020. And as a tip to owners or prospective buyers, while the high-gain setting records everything, flipping the switch to medium makes such background noise muddled and helps focus on in-range sounds. However, what I experienced was much better than what would normally be expected from a small iPod/iPhone-powered accessory, and is far better than the iPhone’s built-in microphone. From one perspective, Mikey is only $10 more expensive than TuneTalk Stereo, the only good product left standing in the pocket-sized Dock Connector-based stereo audio recorder gunfight, and it promises to deliver superior audio performance. Capitalizing on that change, Incipio and SwitchEasy both came up with sub-$20 microphones that offer most of the stereo microphones’ key functionality without all the bulk or expense. That’s because Blue Microphones is launching a new and improved second-generation model. At $79, the Mikey is not cheap, and there are competing microphones out there for less than a fraction of the price. Blue's Mikey Digital iOS interface brings convenient stereo recording to your iPod Touch, iPhone 4/S, and iPad or iPad 2. Les conseillers Woodbrass ne sont pas disponibles actuellement. Cliquez ici. The Mikey plastic body feels sturdy and there was only the tiniest bit of flex as I squeezed the hole-punched surface. This setting seems out-of-place and impractical compared to the great performance of its medium and high counterparts. Vous avez oublié votre mot de passe ? Blue has also designed Mikey with a wraparound metal grill that’s designed to let its stereo condenser microphones breathe, and has obviously paid attention to minimizing hissing and other ambient noise pickup in its audio signal. This is a good product for what it does, but it can’t help but look expensive and a little behind the curve relative to its competitors. Our Online Music Shop Covers brands like Roland, Yamaha, Korg etc. Nº1 Français des ventes en. Blue Microphones Mikey Digital Condenser Microphone, 30-Pin ConnectorBlue's Mikey Digital iOS interface brings convenient stereo recording to your iPod Touch, iPhone 4/S, and iPad or iPad 2. Livraison gratuite dès 99€. Malaysia Best Music Store. Blue Microphones Pro Audio Blue Microphones Yeti Microphones, Blue Microphones Yeti Pro Audio Condenser Microphones Systems, Blue Kiwi Microphone, Blue Karaoke Microphones, Blue Yeti Pro Microphone, Blue Snowball Pro Audio Microphones, Blue Pro Audio Microphones & Wireless Systems, Blue Spark Pro Audio Microphones, Dynamic Microphones Fortunately, this is easy to do because  the Mikey features a hardware switch with three gain settings, something that similar microphones lack. The Mikey uses Apple’s built-in software on standard iPods, Classics, and Nanos. If you simply want a microphone to record basic dictation and be able to understand it later, the Mikey’s price tag might be more than you need to spend. Additionally, there is Blue’s free App Store application called Blue FiRe (iTunes link), Evernote (iTunes link), and a multitude of other applications that will recognize external microphones. The small, somewhat recessed switch for the gain setting requires a little too much digging in with a fingernail to tweak the gain for my taste. Create unparalleled recordings with your computer using Blue's best-selling Yeti USB microphone. Classe 10, 128 Go, vitesse de lecture jusqu'à 45 Mo/s. Though that’s a lengthy—and incomplete—introduction to Blue Microphones’ new Mikey ($80), the latest stereo microphone accessory for the iPod nano and iPod classic, it does help to explain why a company would even think of charging so much for a simple audio recorder. This may change when iPhone OS 3.0 is released, but then again, it may not; Apple hasn’t guaranteed iPod touch compatibility for every type of Dock Connecting accessory. It also has very high quality microphone capsules and Blue's decades of microphone design experience, resulting in the best recording quality. Retrouvez toute l’actualité de la hi-fi et du home-cinéma : tests matériels, interviews, nouveautés... Nous restons toujours ouverts en magasin, sur Internet et par téléphone. Du lundi au samedi de 9h à 13h et de 14h à 18h (Service 0,18 € / min + prix appel). Blue Microphones Mikey - Retrouvez les 1 références de notre catalogue Blue Microphones Mikey et achetez moins cher ! With Incipio’s $18 Lloyd or SwitchEasy’s $13 ThumbTacks, you give up stereo, CD-quality recording mode in favor of monaural, lower-fidelity audio, pay one-fourth or less the price of Mikey, and get a mic that works with all the current screened iPods, including the iPod touch. Based on the same technology as our award-winning Yeti and Snowball microphones, Mikey Digital is a welcome addition to Blue’s cast of characters. The Mikey will still work if you choose to ignore the warning. Shop Online with lowest prices in our Music Instruments Online Store. Blue advertises that the Mikey is an “award-winning” recording solution, and I can certainly see why – recordings sound great, as long as it’s properly configured. And Apple even added audio recording support to the second-generation iPod nano, a feature missing from its predecessor and the similar iPod mini. –Engadget. Apple’s Voice Memos App may offer an easy way to record audio notes on the iPhone and iPod Touch, but the built-in microphone doesn’t always cut it. The Mikey can record almost anything on high gain, even at long-distance. Le constructeur Blue Microphones annonce que les très populaires micros USB Yeti et Yeti Nano sont désormais officiellement certifiés compatibles... On ne présente plus le Yeti, le microphone USB le plus populaire du marché. With the release of the iPod nano and fifth-generation iPod, however, Apple abruptly killed support for these accessories, and began requiring audio recording accessory developers to buy and incorporate a new authentication chip that would communicate with the bottoms of certain iPod models. With the exception of an instruction booklet, nothing else is included in its package; you just get the black mic with its chrome edging and Blue logo. Yeti features studio controls for headphone volumepattern selectioninstant mute and microphone gainpu... Blue Yeti Microphone (Silver) Claviers - home studio - DJ - sonorisation - éclairage : Instruments à vent - librairie musicale : Une fois fermée, vous n'aurez plus accès à la conversation.

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