mountain valley spring water 1 liter

1 Liter Sparkling Water
Glass Bottle 12 PK 1 Liter Sparkling Water in Glass / Mountain Valley Spring Water $32.95. Mountain Valley is named America's best tasting spring water and bottled in glass to preserve its perfectly balanced pH, rich blend of calcium, magnesium and potassium. The perfect table water for restaurants and for serving at home. And of course, its award-winning, chef-loving, taste can be delivered to your home or office across the USA. Named America's best tasting sparkling water, Mountain Valley pairs its natural premium spring water with sodium-free bubbles. 1 LITER (33.8 OZ) MOUNTAIN VALLEY SPRING IN GLASS. Our glass bottled spring water is a staple at homes across the nation and preferred by renowned chefs, foodies, and health/wellness enthusiasts. Case of 12. Many foodies and chefs prefer our sparkling water for the small bubbles that complement rather than overpower.

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