mxr distortion plus mods

adds some even order oomph and is even more open sounding. For both pedals I used LM741CN IC, 1N4001’s, 1uF tantalum capacitor, and all three of the SPST switch mods. « Reply #11 on: November 13, 2012, 01:20:15 PM » if you have 2 diodes one way and 2 diodes the other way-to ground, you can try adding a 5k or so resistor from the junction of the 2 diodes on one side (either side)and ground. A true classic! MXR Distortion + Mods. Mods that will take your MXR Distortion Plus to a bigger, meaner level. Article by Masa Oec. In 1982, MXR redesigned their core pedals to include custom metal enclosures with top-jacks, FET switching, standard DC power jacks and LED indicator lights. MXR Distortion + (the newer M-104 Dunlop model) Stock from MXR, this distortion effect pedal comes with a .047uf capacitor (C4) and 2 1n34a germanium diodes (D1&D2).. When I first tested the MXR M-104 Distortion +, I found this distortion pedal to be a bit thin and nasaly sounding, and it lacked my desired bottom end. This is the classic MXR Distortion Plus from the 2000 Series of pedals that MXR produced in the 1980s. It is strikingly similar to the DOD Overdrive 250 distortion pedal.This project uses the same Ready-For-Transfer Printed Circuit Board Layout file that is used in the DOD 250 Overdrive Project on this site. I plan to remove the 1N34A’s from the Kallas mod version, put in some sockets, and try it with some 1N270’s. MXR™ Distortion Plus™ The Distortion Plus pedal is very popular and good sounding distortion. 1. Electronics Projects Electronics Basics Dc Circuit Circuit Diagram Guitar Diy Music Guitar Guitar Effects Pedals Guitar Pedals Mxr Distortion. These are much easier to integrate into a pedalboard than the earlier MXR pedals. The MXR Distortion+ was my very first pedal back in 1979 so I really dig hearing this sound again. Re: MXR Distortion + Which mods do you like which do you hate?

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