new wine, old wineskins and the fear of change

(John 3:34 NASB). Obedience and utter dependence in Him is the key. It is believed that Doug Harris will chair the debate who is part of the management team at RTV, and who is the director of Reachout Trust whose ministry is to equip the church, upholds biblical truth and to build bridges to people in the cults, occult, and new age. There is a vast difference between going to school to learn/study surgery and anatomy and actually studying under and assisting a surgeon. Gerald Coates wrote a booklet with the same title using the same phrase. Re Martin: “ear tickling preachers” sums it up really. Change? I was told this was done on purpose to ‘encourage’ folks to leave the auditorium…. In short, you make no allowances for a work of the Holy Spirit in her heart. God gave us His son so we could be free and obey Yahweh says he does not change, he says that therte is a way that seems right to men but leads to death. Compare what is “produced” from the “old wineskin” to what is “produced” if you put the new wineskin? He can do what He wants to, and He is not bound by our experiences to operate in a certain way. What an amazing miracle to achieve praise through someone who is dead in transgressions and sins, what an amazing miracle to create freedom in someone who is oppressed and enslaved by all manner of lusts and perversions – the result of his choice to rebel against his Creator? The management team relies on viewers for their money to keep the station on air. A significant early goal is for leaders to identify why people would come to church as opposed to what we want them to prefer, so they will come to our church., On one hand that is true. Ezekiel 36:26; “A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you: and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you an heart of flesh.”. These communities practice a preferential option for the marginalized and see every human as bearing the image of the Divine and welcome, affirm, and include each of us in God’s vision of love and justice for society. If the christian church cannot accept this and refuse to warn its membership, then christianity will remain in turmoil and being ridiculed for all to see. They preached revival to tens of thousands, and people swallowed it amidst vast applause and cheering, because the full import of the Bible was not theirs. No change is forthcoming. the World that has defiled us, to be ye separate and to return Copying spiritual trends is just a form of carnality—and it is a sad substitute for real innovation. How God will fix the church is that not God’s business? Twice in a row we’ve had that in the UK, once from a man who as soon as he could became a Roman, and now from a man of Jewish stock who says he does’t have a direct link to God, but believes none the less. to reflect the glory of Christ I agree up to a point. Only "Children. It is the same choice as in the Garden. The acceptance of human wisdom into the church (both humanism and sorcery[faith, power and gifts]) and dealt with But hang on… I just looked up their guide book. When they spoke, their words had some of the spiritual force we understand of Smith. The New Wine and the Old Wineskins. Lets face it we can all identify with them but we cant risk deception so have to dissagree with them and warn them and try to do better ourselves. God Bless. Delores; I am well acquainted with the doctrine of the Jehovah’s, the Mormons, the Catholics, and many others exclusive church organizations of man. Like Joyce, I too have been on the mission field; to Southern Ireland, Eire, a country which, at the time, was at war with my own country, the UK; a terrorist war, quite like the terrorism the west fears now. Back than they listened to God’s prophets and they were prepared and able to feed their neighbors also. His Bride have their names in the Lamb’s Book of Life.His Bride is the ultimate love gift to the Father. Charisma News - Informing believers with news from a Spirit-filled perspective, Despite 'Fifty Shades' Promotion, 'Old Fashioned' Romance Isn't Dead, New Wine, Old Wineskins and the Fear of Change, Click here to subscribe to the Charisma News newsletter. No amount of our good will or good intentions or man made plans will do anything but further alienate us from the perfect model we were given. -We have a certain reputation  that we enjoy among people, and  we don’t want anything to affect that perception. I think so much decent prophesy has been twisted to mean “revival and blessings are definitely coming” when that may only be the encouragement and dependant on obedience not the prophesies main message. I’m willing to guess that 90 percent of what we are doing in church Please note three things about the passage we read in Luke. Blessings to each of you who gave encouragement and who cared enough for Him to do so. Yes to new wineskins, but to me it goes deeper than external packaging, it is our hearts…we yearn for the old wine because we have tasted that it was good, and we dont’ want to let go of the good in order to go on to perfection. I believe that Israel is still central to history today. God’s way is simple humility is of greater honor than pride, failure is a part of life, to say I can’t is OK. This process has begun for those discerning the End Times. The gospel does not change, its the people who change the gospel to meet the changes according to that which suits man`s life these is the reason that wickedness and iniquity has been excected in the religions of man. MARANATHA! I can’t help but remember they all stayed in first class luxury rooms in a centre of London hotel, the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington. in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without “Put new wine into fresh wineskins, and both are preserved,” (Matt. I for one don’t now what God has in mind for the church only this death and martyrdom. Man cannot achieve this without the Holy Spirit as we can see all around us. How we despise the day of small beginnings, a babe that could grow. The greatest in Heaven will be the least here upon the earth….those “least” who the “great” churches looked down upon as lost. This skew to the interpretation would be understandable because the vision symbolises the attack as a literal physical gas attack but is depicting a spiritual influence in reality not so much a physical attack. Open Your Mouth Wide — It’s a Time of War! It al begins by making Jesus Lord not only Saviour. One must put the new wine into the new wineskins because the new wineskins have the potential for growth and expansion. and those who worship them, we understand this…, But satan made another promise, specifically directed at Christians, which is to destroy those who have the testimony of Jesus Christ. I don’t think that it will get any better. Therefore come out from among them and be ye separate. But we should not ever forget that God is a Fearful God..Awesome God…we should never let go of our fear of Him…a good kind of fear for something that is so very BIG…beyond our sight. Please do not tell me that the ‘new’ thing that God is doing is …let us all get tatoos, pierce our lips, noses,eye brows. It has been orchestrated from the front and manipulated by leaders having the audience to believe that in using the name of Jesus, God will do anything as when called upon. Why we do expected the Holy Spirit to do it( that is signs and wonders and the miraculous) Most everything is digital, so the day they choose to flick the switch, we have lost all our material provisions and comforts. What if we practiced the priesthood of every believer when we meet together and not just on a personal level. SHE IS A BEAUTY FOR SURE! Whether or not we sing the old hymns, or new songs and choruses is irrelevant in many ways (although I prefer the doctrinal correctness of many of the old hymns). It is for the few, those who are willing to make the sacrifices for the many, to the Glory of God, to stand firm. I look at the UK, the country of my birth, and I see the Light dimming our the last fifty years. be remodeled, and what is ineffective must be replaced. Those who chose a less popular road, walking alone with Christ, and giving with no thought of gain, or social recognition.

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