non sourdough bread

I skipped the second stretches during fermentation both times I made the bread because for one I’m forgetful, and for two, the first loaf came out fine without it. I am doing 75-85% hydration loaves. Note that refrigerating the bread will make it denser and less fluffy. Use your hands and a bench scraper to roll the loaf in your hands, slightly tucking the edges under as you go (please check the video for a demo). How long are you fermenting the dough for? It is possible to make the wheat bread with finished sourdough. The covered dutch oven helps keep moisture in the bread and allows the bacteria to ‘rise the dough’ a little longer before being killed by the high heat. Then flour your hands, and the top of the dough. Please note : We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. It may be due to the types of flour used etc, but I would like it to be more foolproof. The dutch oven helps contain some of the moisture the bread releases as it bakes, giving it extra oven rise. The general rule is to add in your additions during the third fold; this prevents the ingredients from messing too much with your fermentation, but still gives enough time to mix them in thoroughly with the third and fourth folds. If you are looking for easy sweet and savoury recipes that are packed with flavour you have come to the right place! When I first started learning to bake sourdough bread, I had no idea that using a different flour for the same recipe could give me such a different bread result. Hmmm I wonder if your oven temperature is to blame. Dust with a little flour, cover with a bag and leave to rise. It’s not much time in the kitchen, and once the morning tasks are done, I have the whole afternoon with the kids. , Hi Jan, I have added the cups but for truly accurate measuring you need a scale. If you are using a banneton basket you will need to prep this first before first use – check this guide for. It’s full of prebiotics that our guts love, and because it’s essentially pre-digested by the millions of microbes in your starter, many people who are gluten-sensitive are able to eat sourdough with no … If the dough pops right back out and the dent disappears, it’s actually under-fermented. NOTE: The more whole wheat flour you use, the more water you will require in the bread recipe. Would you suggest putting it in the fridge overnight? When the dough is ready to bake, after the second rise, carefully invert onto baking paper then proceed to score and bake in a Dutch Oven. If you already have a starter, it’s a good idea to take it out of the fridge in the morning, a day before you want to bake and feed it once with a little flour and water. White whole wheat flour is not a blend of both, but rather a whole wheat flour made from a specific type of wheat. This ancient grain has a high nutrition count and excellent rich flavors. Just wondering if the starter should smell like vinegar? Hi Dave, I’m so glad you had such success with your bread! Once you feel confident making this type of loaf and understanding its behavior, you can move on to other flours. Delicious!! You’ll have to do this quickly as the dough is fairly soft and will start to droop and stretch otherwise. I am on day 3 of making my starter. Here are some things I would try: It entirely depends on who you ask. We used a 6 quart dutch oven for this recipe. I’m new to the sourdough baking (quarantine) and have made my share of mistakes— I just keep trying. This was my first attempt at making sourdough bread and I was rather nervous! If your baking vessel is close to the heat source, it will scald the bread. If I need to adjust something, what will I adjust. Jan and the kids were brave . Does that mean the water is 3 times heavier than the flour in this recipe? The strength of flour is actually measured by something called the ‘W Index‘, but when it comes to buying flour, the best way to judge if a flour is high in the W Index, is to look for the words ‘strong‘, or something of that nature on the label. When I dump it out on the counter for shaping, it spreads out like the blob. The loaf came out great with extra large holes and that nice sourdough taste I was looking for. This bread is still delicious to eat! Very well written and understandable instructions, thank you! I did modify the recipe a bit, and this is how I make it now:

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