please ensure strict compliance

et de proportionnalité, afin de prévenir toute distorsion de concurrence contraire à l'intérêt commun quant aux financements publics offerts aux aéroports régionaux et aux aides d'État octroyées aux compagnies aériennes. 136 0 obj << /Linearized 1 /O 138 /H [ 689 368 ] /L 80012 /E 4967 /N 27 /T 77173 >> endobj xref 136 11 0000000016 00000 n obligations en matière de non-prolifération, et. - au regard notamment des retombées possibles sur les politiques communes, de manière à permettre une large discussion politique sur les élargissements futurs. Copyright © 2020 Channels Incorporated Limited. © 2013-2020 Reverso Technologies Inc. All rights reserved. To this. Work with the WIN organization to ensure that changes are embedded related processes. 9. soutient dans ce contexte tous les efforts déployés pour mener à bien les. © 2018 Nestlé | Enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future. Traductions en contexte de "ensure compliance" en anglais-français avec Reverso Context : to ensure compliance, to ensure full compliance, ensure strict compliance, ensure compliance with the provisions, ensure compliance with international l'administration de la Mission suivrait de. The translation is wrong or of bad quality. fixés par le règlement communautaire pour chaque type d'aide. Write your procedures down. 0000001661 00000 n These examples may contain colloquial words based on your search. in view of possible implications for common policies - must be framed in as transparent a way as possible, enabling broad political debate on future enlargements. The Lagos State government has directed all public servants to resume work, seven months after the workers were directed to work from home as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in the country. Conventions de Genève du 12 août 1949 et des Protocoles additionnels de 1977 s'y rapportant ainsi que de celles de la Convention relative au droit de l'enfant, en vertu desquelles les enfants touchés par les conflits armés doivent bénéficier d'une protection et des soins spéciaux. et des décisions pertinentes du Conseil de sécurité par toutes les parties. Ensure strict compliance of company operations to tax provisions and rulings issued by the Bureau of Internal Revenue and other government regulatory bodies. In 2003, maintenance expenses were cut significantly three, times the reductions achieved during the two previous years, Ainsi, en 2003, la réduction des frais de maintenance a fait l'objet d'un effort, The aim is that all those who love nature will. for access as established in this Decision. Look up words and phrases in comprehensive, reliable bilingual dictionaries and search through billions of online translations. and proportionality so as to prevent any distortion of competition which would not be in the common interest in terms of public funding to regional airports and State aid to airlines. Exact: 98. applicable to transactions carried out on its behalf. Please report examples to be edited or not to be displayed. Assist in the handling of tax investigations that may be conducted by the BIR or other government agencies, including: Downloading of necessary information from SAP, Liaising with cross functions to gain an understanding of the source of BIR issues. that each victim was to be treated equally in terms of the identification. 2. 2 2. applicable in terms of advertising and special offers. 1 Fashion and … 40-3/2020-DM-I (A) Dear Home Secretary Government of India 19th New Delhi Please refer to MHA Order No. 0000002769 00000 n c) Soulignant leur détermination à soutenir les institutions et les agences internationales chargées de vérifier et de garantir le respect de ces traités, It is extremely urgent that we take measures to, Il est extrêmement urgent de prendre des mesures visant à éliminer la, We lay stress on the responsibility of all parties, including, Nous soulignons la responsabilité de toutes les parties, y, IPU Declaration on Criteria for Free and Fair Elections, énoncés dans la Déclaration de l'UIP de 1994. Position reviews zoning approvals and performs inspections for property maintenance, zoning compliance and nuisance abatement. environment conducive to nuclear disarmament and cooperation in the sphere of peaceful uses of nuclear energy. He noted that the state governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, gave the approval for resumption of all public servants, especially those on salary grade levels 1 – 12 who have been working from home since March. of all forms of discrimination between Community citizens. Given the organisational and logistical problems still to be overcome, the European Union calls on all political forces and on the Liberian transitional authorities. compte du respect de l'environnement et du développement durable. l'engagement volontaire, le Comité recommande à l'État partie de surveiller. international des droits de l'homme et en accordant à la protection des civils la priorité absolue. 0000004728 00000 n 0. The circular with reference number CIR/HOS/20/Vol.1/115 and dated October 30, 2020, asked the government workers to resume on Monday. Affirming that, in order to prevent enforced disappearances, of All Persons under Any Form of Detention or Imprisonment contained in the annex to its resolution 43/173 of 9 December 1988, and with the Principles on the Effective Prevention and Investigation of Extralegal, Arbitrary and Summary Executions, set forth in the annex to Economic and Social Council resolution 1989/65 of 24 May 1989 and endorsed by the General Assembly in its resolution 44/162 of 15 December 1989. Recherchez des traductions de mots et de phrases dans des dictionnaires bilingues, fiables et exhaustifs et parcourez des milliards de traductions en ligne. This will mean enhancing the role of the, En outre, la force de notre monnaie exige une meilleure coordination des politiques économiques, ce qui se traduira par un renforcement du rôle de l'Eurogroupe, par un renforcement des, It the Clause 'do[es] not block and [is] not intended to block sale by. with the norms of international humanitarian. Examples of strict compliance in a sentence, how to use it. de sécurité alimentaire constituait un impératif. To ensure strict compliance of academic costumes politics, many universities worldwide have initiated policies guiding the use of the costumes in academic ceremonies. under disarmament and non-proliferation treaties. Le Parlement rappelle également que la Commission est tenue de respecter scrupuleusement les règles de transparence en matière de marchés publics. envisagé, le montant d'aide sera le cas échéant revu à la baisse, à concurrence de la participation des autres financeurs publics. Utilisez DeepL Traducteur pour traduire instantanément textes et documents, 9. with this in mind, supports all endeavours to. 40-3/2020-DM-I(A) dated 15th April 2020, ... letter and spirit without any dilution and to ensure strict compliance of lockdown measures. ���ѐ�f.��q��\4B 4` ���Fq 4^F��F"�F&f��#��$T1�%�q �b)����ш�l. La traduction est fausse ou de mauvaise qualité. Maintains constant liaison with all other departments or units within the Company to ensure that compliance is observed down the line. contribue à créer un climat propice au désarmement nucléaire et à la coopération dans le domaine de l'utilisation de l'énergie nucléaire à des fins pacifiques.

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