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2004 may have been the Year of Michael Vick in Madden, but Donovan McNabb was a far better quarterback on the field in that era. They’re in Seattle territory for the first time when Bosworth comes up with his second interception, leading to an all-passing drive to try to pad the lead before halftime. If you've ever used the Eagles in the old Nintendo video game "Tecmo Super Bowl," there's a good chance you have seen the following play: It's a designed QB run for the legendary video game player, know only as "QB Eagles.". To pick a team for this, I went with the tried and true method of closing my eyes and holding the down arrow for several seconds, then opening my eyes to see what team I’ll play with. Madden programmers kept Hester from breaking the game by keeping his route running, catch in traffic and other ratings low. They may not have been properly balanced or realistic, but that's what made them so much fun. The 2007 and 2013 Virtual Console releases [of Tecmo Bowl] are a modified version of the game without the NFLPA license, since EA owns exclusive rights to it; thus, the players are represented only by number and not by name. But the 2004 Madden version of Michael Vick stands beside Mario in the annals of gaming history. It's the RB's job to just stand there and admire the play: Note the same basic formation in the Eagles-Giants game yesterday: There are two small differences in Chip Kelly's version: 1. QB Eagles had a maximum speed rating of 56, faster than most of the running backs in that game, and he had a bootleg run as part of his eight-play playbook in an era before the read-option was even invented. Then again, the real Cunningham made defenders look just as ridiculous in videos like this one. But stick him in the slot, toss him every screen, reverse and quick hitch in the playbook, and work the highlight stick until your right thumb was numb and you were sure to get your opponent to rage-quit after a few touchdowns. But Madden 04 Vick is not the biggest "cheat code" player in football video game history. QB Eagles, Tecmo Super Bowl. What happens next, though, has nothing to do with the play-calling. - (NEW) RAMS mini / large helmet updates! 2. Back then, the gaming culture was still emerging from the arcade, where quarters were exchanged for fast thrills, as well as the Atari 2600 era of home consoles, where three flickering blobs moving in unison was about as realistic as football could get. If you saw Madden 04 Vick duking it out with Toon Link and Ice Climbers in a Super Smash Bros. video game, you would think, "Yeah, this feels right." Sure, Vick could counter with some 20-yard scrambles. But individualized player ratings are what put Tecmo Super Bowl over the top: It was one of the first football games that made you feel like choosing a team meant more than choosing uniform colors. Of course, there’s not a shotgun play on the first San Francisco drive, nor is there a running play. Goji's NFL Tecmo Super Bowl LV v 8.0 (2020.10.28) ... Eagles - *TE, richard RODGERS, *S, will PARKS. I apologize for the abruptness of this decision, and to those used to coming to this site for information or interaction. And even 30 years later, you know exactly who that character is. His passing ratings were also excellent, so he could pick you apart if you just kept blitzing him and diving with your fastest defenders. And with eight seconds left, Krieg finds Largent in the back of the end zone, finally getting the Hall of Famer his touchdown. I don’t think there’s a video game I’ve played more in my life than Tecmo Bowl. If you still play the classic Nintendo title starring the unstoppable Bo Jackson and “QB Eagles” (Randall Cunningham), here’s something that can help: We spoke to legendary Tecmo … But Chip Kelly has done just that. Comprehensive guide to player attributes and rankings in Tecmo Super Bowl for NES. That would be Lawrence Taylor, who not only is the rare player you can use on defense to get both sacks and interceptions, but can block every single kick an opponent tries. Largent has the biggest play, a 15-yard reception to set up first-and-goal, but the touchdown is on that short out route, Dave Krieg finding Daryl Turner in the end zone. When they line up in the shotgun, I know there’s another negative-yardage play coming, and sure enough, that’s what happens. It was, and still is, the single greatest sports video game of all time. Perhaps some sleeper jumped, juked or glitched his way to the top of the list. On the other hand, only one video game character in history can top him. Hester famously earned the Madden series' first-ever 100 speed rating, but there was more to his game than that. If you should find the other available resources to be lacking, consider building your own.

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