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All cars will shrink to miniscule size for 5 minutes. Play the game for 168 hours, which is 1 week. Rivals are boss characters you have to face at the end of every chapter in the game. If a car drives over this button, the car dies immediately, and respawns 4 seconds later. This pack includes 8 tracks based off of real cities. Dr. Yoshi Takara is a Japanese scientist and inventor. Grand Prix - Just like Team Race, except that it's free-for-all. This is where you can play by yourself. Set it to 0, there will be no sepia. As you progress through those eras, all cars except for your car will change into the cars made in that era, making it more difficult to win 5th or better. When your car is destroyed after terminal damage, falls out of bounds, or is eliminated from a knock-out race, your car may do these things just for the laugh of it. If a body's aerodynamic acceleration was up to 10 stars, that means it is able to go up to top speed quickly and with ease. Endurance Race - Racing with 31 other racers for a set amount of time (5 to 15 minutes). Sepia - The simulation of aging to the human eye. Probably the weirdest location in the game. You can tweak the graphic effects (Like motion blur and framerate limiting) to match your personal taste. RTA Bowling - Just like bowling in real life, but the bowling ball is YOU. Road Trip è un film commedia del 2000, co-scritto e diretto da Todd Phillips. A fairly large city and resort inspired by Las Vegas. At the start of the game, you will be asked to choose a difficulty. The car will turn into a transparent ghost with wings that will levitate slowly into the air. The rival car is also trying to destroy you using powerups. Road Trip Adventure 2 is a 2014 Playstation exclusive video game developed by The Apex Team and the second installment to the Road Trip Adventure series. The game then switches to a scene where the player is in the Q's Factory and is being informed by the Q's factory truck of the World Grand Prix. The alpha version of RTA2 was released in 2010 under the name "Best Racer Ever", designed exclusively for beta testers. Purchase the 1967 Ford GT40, the 1995 Ford GT90, and the 2006 Ford GT. One whole is approximately 2500 kilograms. To win money, you can race, sell parts and advertise. Code: Left + Right + Left + Right + R2 + L2. Transmission pieces allow the car to go faster and raise the top speed. The title card shows up after before it fades out. It has been highly-acclaimed by many gamers - hardcore and casual alike - and is widely known for being the best out of the Choro-Q HG series, for its open-ended gameplay and large playing area. If a body's aerodynamic braking was 10 stars, it is able to figuratively stop on a dime. The game was re-released on the Playstation Store on 15 Febuary 2012, although was only made available on the European store. The car becomes a bomb. RTA2 was announced in E3 2006 as a teaser trailer, along with Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 and Motorstorm. The car will drive on a frictionless trail, driving at top speed and seamlessly avoiding obstacles. Unlike any other stage, this lasts 10 laps, with a dynamic day/night setting. He is very competitive in the racing scene. Racing Line - Driving on the racing line gives you 10 points a second. Use the flashlight to cast shadows while reading the story. She is pretty fast and has great handling, but suffers on offroad. If the opponent does nothing to evade, they will explode as soon as the rocket hits it. He has a cocky attitude and is pretty confident in races. (Continue) Play(ing) the game after 10:00 PM. Depending on how far each player is in the game, one racer may have an unfair advantage if they are further along in the game. Allows your car to go faster with better acceleration. Checkpoint Race - You have 10 seconds to get to a checkpoint. The sporty kind of chassis that is a LITTLE TEENSY WEENSY BIT lighter than the last one. It is possible to break this limit by going in reverse using the Devil Parts. Gamma - The combination of brightness AND contrast. Elimination - The 7 last players to cross the finish line will be eliminated. The car will slow down to 70 mph for 5 seconds. The heart and soul of the car. Tony Augustus is a silver Ford F150 Raptor who has a boastful bully-like attitude. There will be a set amount of rounds, and you must get the most points at the end of the final race. You can play on tracks with vehicles you purchased in Adventure mode, OR if you don't have any vehicles, choose the coutesy cars instead. A dirt track around a beach with some temples you have to drive through. Set it to 1, there is full sepia. 0 means the bloom is purely white, and 10 means the bloom has brighter colors than the bloomed color itself. For players who are looking for a challenge. The "radio" playlist features songs you might/should hear on your average radio. Once two controllers are inserted into the PS2 or PS3, a Two Player option is available at the main menu. This allows players to sell/buy parts to a friend via inserting both memory cards into the PS2. Change the social and matchmaking settings to your liking. Work together to get a goal at least a set number of times to win. Cars that can be downloaded or bought from PSN, XBLA, or the WII.U Shop. Also the cars can fuck in this one baby!!!!!!!!!!!! The car spawns a space-time rift lasting 5 seconds that teleports the vehicle to the top 3 positions. Here, you can configure the game's settings to your liking. The car drops a fake item capsule or throws it ahead of them. The song suddenly stops and turns into a dark orchestral score when 5 black cars arrive about to hit the Corvette, before the scene ends. Coming Soon The Doctor - Blair Harrison. The car will turn into a large pile of food (bananas, hamburgers, or cupcakes) that will be thrown at the same speed the car was going when it died. Once you acquire the Devil Parts on one memory card, copy that data onto another memory card and then sell the Devil Parts from one memory card to the other. Another scenic town inspired by Japanese castles. They call it "blood". Game that can be played with a friend(s), or in online multiplayer. The car fires out a heat-seeking rocket that homes into the nearest opponent. Time of Day and Weather: Sunrise, partly cloudy. These sometimes allow the car to "float" in the air for an unrealistic amount of time and/or go through fences at high speeds. The movie fades in with a cinematic view of the RTA2 planet that looks a lot of Earth. The game takes place in the year 2002 (on Earth, it is actually 2014), after the events of RTA1. There was recently an interview with the CEO of The Apex Team. However, this will disable trophies and you will not be able to earn cash, reputation, or therefore progress through the game until you exit the game session. All cars will be standing with handbrakes automatically held on until the race starts. The city is probably named after an Alfa Romeo. The simulation of the sun's sensitivity to the human eye. Barnhouse Effect did not develop this game. In the US Version, the top speed is 217 but it is measured in miles per hour, where 217 mph is the equivalent of 349 km/h. He is a multicolored modified Citroen C4, and is a great all-arounder. Thus referencing TakaraTomy's relationship with the production of Pokemon merchandise. If you already have two teammates when another car asks to join your team, you have the option to replace an existing teammate or decline their offer. Many houses can be entered, as can shops and bars. It is also criticised for it's sound. Allows your car to go faster with more acceleraion. A License races feature even faster AI racers and cars are equipped with a Wing Set and either Jet Turbines or Propellers. Overtake - You have 5 laps to overtake as much vehicles as possible. If the car does nothing to evade, they will explode. There is a total of 10 rivals, each get incresingly difficult based on how far you progress through the game. There are four licenses in the game: C License, B License, A License, and Super-A License. This is the first race track the user will drive on. A grand prix-like race track with all sorts of oversized candy placed around the track. If all players are infected before time runs out, the Survivors will lose, and the Infected will win, and vice versa. If one was not holding on the brake and instead held on the gas before the race officially begins, they will recieve a penalty. By using this site you agree to these cookies. Speed sensitivity - At what speed should the blurriness be at full effect? The car jumps really high to dodge incoming attacks quickly or to get to places that are difficult to get to.

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