shure unidyne iii sm57

February 20, 2012, Shure Incorporated | An updated version of the Shure Model 545 came out containing the Unidyne III. Shure SM57: Shure Unidyne III 545 SD: These frequency response graphs pictured above are current, 2009 data based on production models, and they show that the Unidyne III sounds particularly different in the high range - quite possibly giving it a nice boost in that area that many engineers find desirable and "mojo" worthy. It didn’t take long for this durable, low-cost microphone to grow in popularity – particularly within the A/V industry. Before the Shure SM57 came along, close-miking wasn’t commonplace, because ribbon mics often broke under the pressure of high SPLs produced by loud instruments (or from being dropped or mishandled). Answer. Oops, looks like you forgot something. Davida Rochman | Historically speaking, the Shure SM57 was used to record songs and albums. Its matte black paint minimizes camera reflections and helps to blend in with its surroundings and the lack of a power switch on the microphone prevents them from getting switched off accidentally during a broadcast. Hey! Some of it has to do with emergence of podcasting – there's an appetite for a high quality voiceover mic. FAQ. November 13, 2020, Shure & Montreux Jazz Artists Foundation Showcase 'Autumn of Music', How CalArts Shifted to Remote Recording amid COVID Concerns, Black Lives Matter Inspires Live Music Course for Women. And they went nuts." Another iconic Shure microphone, the Model 55, Toms and snares also sound great with the Shure SM57 because of its high SPL ranking, which indicates the amount of pressure or volume the capsule is capable of withstanding before distorting. Be the first to know when more are listed: Your purchases help youth music programs get the gear they need to make music. “SM” stands for “studio microphone,” however, it was built for television studios more so than music studios. SOME MINOR/NORMAL VINTAGE WEAR/SCREEN/SURFACE/SCRATCHES- SEE PICS ). The 545 Unidyne III was the first Shure unidirectional model where the user spoke into the end of the microphone. Watch. C $520.57. [19] Shure Distribution UK reports that the SM57, SM58, Beta 57A, and Beta 58A are their microphones that are most commonly counterfeited. Shure Bros. Unidyne III SM57 Cardioid Dynamic Microphone. Please check the fields highlighted in red. Shipping not specified. It has been stored in a Gator microphone soft case, close to twenty years. This may be one reason why John likes to refer to the SM7B as "an SM57 on steroids".Variations of the Shure Unidyne III cartridge are used in many of Shure's dynamic microphones. See the below PDF. Your purchases also help protect forests, including trees traditionally used to make instruments. Better still, borrow one from a friend and put it to the test. Channel Audio™ seeks to provide superior quality event services, build long-lasting relationships and deliver the best client experience. During the late 1950s, Ernie developed a new microphone element that would revolutionize the pro audio world, and find its way to every major city, country, and continent…and even to outer space (the SM58 is aboard the International Space Station). In 1959, another Shure engineer, Ernie Seeler, advanced the art of microphone design significantly with the Unidyne III. An early model of the mic, the Unidyne 545 was used on Pet Sounds for Brian Wilson's vocal tracks. And while it does a good job of masking a poor recording environment, handling a screaming vocal and performing double-duty as a drum or guitar amp mic, only you can decide where it belongs in your rig or mic locker.You can listen and compare the SM7B to other Shure microphones in the Mic Listening Lab. [1] Seeler torture-tested the Unidyne III during three years of research and development and thereby, produced the SM series of rugged and reliable Shure microphone capsules. VINTAGE!. The 545 Unidyne III was the first Shure unidirectional model where the user spoke into the end of the microphone. Variations of the Shure Unidyne III cartridge are used in many of Shure's dynamic microphones. You will find the Shure SM57 in the cabinet of every major studio, and it is a staple in Channel Audio’s. VINTAGE! Many were fond of the Shure SM57’s cardioid pickup patterns, as it filtered out ambient noise beautifully. Your purchases also help protect forests, including trees traditionally used to make instruments. Most Shure users have likely never heard the name Ernie Seeler, even though a fair share of their livelihood exists because of this microphone engineer. In recording studios, guitarists have been known to combine a Shure SM57, placed up against the cone of a speaker cabinet, with a ribbon or condenser mic behind it to balance out the sound. S p o T n A 9 D O V s o 9 C r A e d L. Vintage Shure PE 54D Unidyne III microphone. You may be asking yourself how this small microphone became so popular. 22nd May 2013 #31. abechap024. The Shure SM57 was able to withstand all of these things and more without issue, which aided in its quick rise in popularity. Reverb Sellers Are Still Shipping. A favorite for instrument pickup and recording, the 545SD can also be used on lecterns in public address systems. Hey! One went for 25$ buy it now on the bay the other week. Since presidential speeches are often held outdoors, government officials depend on a microphone that is capable of handling certain weather conditions. This striking-looking, compact, slender , uni-directional, moving-coil microphones features wide-range  reproduction of voice and music and flexibility of uses as hand or stand microphone. France, CLASSIC! SHURE SM57 UNIDYNE III MICROPHONE, ORIGINAL USA VERSION, ( 1965 TO 1985 ), PRE- OWNED, IN VERY GOOD VINTAGE CONDITION. The Shure A2WS is an accessory windscreen for the SM57 that attenuates wind noise and plosives ("pop" sounds), and protects the microphone capsule. 25/11/2020, Marc Henshall | The predecessor to the SM57, the 545SD Classic Unidyne® Instrument Microphone is a dual-impedance, unidirectional, dynamic microphone. The SM57 is a popular choice of musicians due to its sturdy construction and ability to work well with instruments that produce high sound pressure levels, such as percussion instruments and electric guitars. [18], Due to its popularity, the SM57 has been counterfeited frequently by manufacturers in China and Thailand. Because of the Model 55’s popularity, Ernie Seeler, a Shure engineer, started working on another version of it. From United States. Make an Offer. Be the first to know when more are listed: Your purchases help youth music programs get the gear they need to make music. Well, it was recorded with an SM7B. CLASSIC!! This is when the Shure SM57 was born. [1] The "SM" stands for Studio Microphone;[2] Seeler was an aficionado of classical music and expected the SM57 to be used for orchestras. Canada, It's dynamic of course and it worked just flawlessly with Michael - if you notice you can hear all the lyrics very clearly.". The only reason I would ever say something bad about this mic is to keep the resale value down! I've been pretty vocal about how much I love that microphone, it's a great mic. So to find out, we talked to John Born, Product Manager at Shure who answered the question, but advised us that any even lighthearted discussion of the SM7B had to include the SM5 and SM57 microphones.

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