thai cabbage rolls

Learn more about her HERE. Add some rice, quinoa, or squash for the rest of the family. I hope I didn’t venture too far off the 2.0 path with the Thai values in this one, but I am a firm believer in that mental and physical health are closely related. I came across a recipe for vegetable cabbage rolls using tofu and a few Thai spices that I thought sounded promising. Gently peel off 7-8 whole cabbage leaves (there will be a … Coconut milk – we know that coconut milk contains the good fat that helps lower the bad cholesterol and ups the good. In a large saute pan heat olive oil over medium heat. Meatless Monday Recipe: Vegetarian Pad Thai. Homemade cabbage rolls  can be made vegetarian using tofu or any of the ground beef alternatives. but I digress. The Thai are well known for their mental health in practices of meditation and peaceful living. These Thai inspired cabbage rolls are loaded with flavor and perfect for dipping in peanut sauce. Their way of life incorporates simple values that anyone and everyone would benefit by practicing. Nutrition information not always accurate. I ask myself this in different ways all the time because when I am feeling my best I am feeling fit and healthy also. No worries – this goes along with maintaining self-control, they believe that getting worked up about something won’t help so why waste your energy? That would most definitely include a trip to Thailand as well. chili powder 2 T. fish sauce 1 lime 4-6 green onions, sliced 1/2 C. fresh cilantro, chopped 2-3 slices fresh ginger 1 cabbage (Napa is my preference but work with what you have) 1 hot red pepper, dried, chopped Or join the private Facebook group for simple tips on going green! Gently peel off 7-8 whole cabbage leaves (there will be a couple extra), Boil the leaves 2-3 at a time. This isn’t always easy….cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and winter squash are not always well received by my kids. Whisk together the broth and tomato paste, set aside, Bring a large sized pot of water to a boil. Remove from boiling water and plunge into a bowl of ice water for 10 to 15 seconds. Top cabbage roll with additional shredded carrot for garnish if desired. While passionate about health and the environment she can’t quite give up her favorite Cheetos and Diet Coke! Onto each cabbage leaf spread 2 TBSP peanut sauce and place 1/2 cup beef mixture onto leaf. So, first things first…we have to reach our ideal weight to really debate this question anyway and you have made this leap with HCG 2.0. To serve, place a cabbage roll on a plate with a small side of peanut sauce. Even if you’re not there yet, you can share in this happiness with the peace of mind that you have reached out and are on your way. Instead, suffering can be eliminated through commitment to these values and further more, in the fact that Thai food is known as one of the healthiest foods you can eat. I love Thai and any sort of “roll”… I’ve never tried to make them at home before though, so this recipe is awesome! I’m a busy mom of two college kids who’s trying to go green, get healthy and simplify life one step at a time. Not only for our mental health, but this I believe would carry over into our physical health as well. I doubt my boys would eat these if tofu was in it. Galangal – a relative of ginger, it contains all of it’s properties and is used in traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic healing, especially for digestion, nausea, and anti-inflammation. If we do decide to be so adventurous and take on that 24 hour flight…if I dare venture to put myself through enduring a 6 and 8 yr old contained in an airplane for that long, believe me I am going to get the most out of that trip that I can possibly get. thus if you google Thai Cabbage Rolls, Indian Cabbage Rolls, Hebrew Cabbage Rolls, there are many many variations of meats and/spices you can use to make essentially the same dish (although the flavor will be very different). Diane has a Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology with a Minor in Health Management and Policy. These sound delicious. These Thai cabbage rolls are filled with ground beef, rice and an assortment of Thai flavors. Blanch cabbage leaves: Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Cook ground beef until most of the pink is gone. But, include MEAT and they are game to try almost anything. Thanks! We love to hear that! Check out these simple everyday values that are a way of life for them and honestly should be for everyone…, Family first – all members of the family are taken care of resulting in strong bonds and lots of help, Sufficient is enough – a back to basics approach where everyone gets what they need to survive without over-consuming, Keep your cool – Thai people are known for their self-control and calm behavior using non-confrontational phrases like jai yen yen or “cool your heart”, Wear a smile – known as the Land of Smiles the Thai believe that under any circumstances a smile is a brave and better way. Most cabbage rolls I’ve seen take the italian route. Concern over the growing incidence of human disease and the birth of her children led her to begin living a more natural life. I’m Diane.

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