the electronic properties of graphene and carbon nanotubes

Metal or carbon fillers are often added for applications where conductivity is desired, like electromagnetic shielding. As shown in this figure, the band gap for the metallic nanotube is almost zero, and for the semiconductive nanotube is a nonzero value. Depending on their chirality (the direction along which the graphene sheets are rolled up), they can be either metallic with no bandgap, or semiconducting with a distinct bandgap [2]. It should be noted that for a carbon nanotube of infinite length, as cleared from (22), the wave vector along the nanotube axis can be assumed continuous. ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. ELECTRONIC AND STRUCTURAL PROPERTIES OF CARBON NANOTUBES. From 75. With noticing Huckel/tight binding approximation and the previous relations, we will have Structure of Carbon Nanotubes 679 III. With a similar way as described above, we can obtain and for the case that and , as The energy dispersion relation of an SWCNT (single-walled carbon nanotube) can be obtained from the energy relation of graphene sheet, which the related nanotube is made up of. Graphene’s tial is vast, and the applications include: touchscreens (for LCD or OLED displays), computer chips, batteries. It is estimated that several CNT manufacturers have over 100 ton per year production capacity for multi walled nanotubes. As shown in Figure 6, the one-dimensional band structure of SWCNTs can be obtained from cross-sectional cutting of the energy dispersion of two-dimensional graphene. Despite these similarities between the materials, there are still differences between them. In Figure 4, the vectors definition of graphene plane for converting to a carbon nanotube has been shown where , , and are the chirality (circumference) vector, the chirality angle, and the translational vector, respectively. In this figure and are the unit vectors of the graphene lattice, respectively, and and are the unit vectors of the reciprocal lattice of graphene, respectively. We will be using Bloch’s theorem [11] Factors like structure, length, surface area, surface charge, size distribution, surface chemistry, and agglomeration state, as well as purity of the samples, have great impact on the properties of carbon nanotubes.CNTs have unique mechanical, thermal andelecronic properties that make them intriguing for the development of new materials: impressive mechanical tensile strength,light-weight, good thermal conductivity and much more.These properties make carbon nanotubes attractive for electronic devices, sensors and biosensors, transistors, batteries, hydrogen storage cells, electrical-shielding applications and more.Carbon Nanotubes have been around since the early 1990s and already found some commercial use in the fields of engineering plastics, polymers, displays, anti corrosion paints, thin films and coatings, transparent and non-transparent conductive electrodes, coatings and anti-static packaging and more. Graphene, which came into the scene later than veteran CNTs, can be easier to interconnect and dope, but carries its own set of challenges, like extraction, manipulation and stability burdens. Also, we can express the diameter of carbon nanotube versus , , and as [11, 13] Figure 5 shows the vectors of reciprocal lattice of graphene. For the continuous wave vector along the nanotube axis, we can write the energy dispersion variations for one-dimensional carbon nanotube, using the two-dimensional graphene relation (11) as [11] Other forms of carbon atoms arrangements exist,like amorphous carbon, Q-carbon and more. A single, 2 dimensional layer of graphite is called graphene. Mod. For a zigzag carbon nanotube with and , we can obtain the parameters , , , and using (17)–(19) equal to 6, 6, 2, and −1, respectively. Graphite is a 3D (three-dimensional) layered hexagonal lattice of carbon atoms and a single layer of graphite forms a 2D (two-dimensional) material, called 2D graphite or a graphene layer [9, 10]. With considering the overlap between the two above-mentioned orbitals, we will have Rebar graphene is the nanoscale analog of rebar (reinforcement bars) in concrete, in which embedded steel bars enhance the material’s strength and durability. 1, January–March 2009 In this figure, and are the reciprocal lattice vector related to and the reciprocal lattice vector related to , respectively. Also and can be obtained using (14), (16) equal to and , respectively. R. Saito, M. S. Dresselhaus, G. Dresselhaus et al.. Dr. Jeong Gon Son's research team at the Photo-Electronic Hybrids Research Center at the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) developed the high-capacity, stretchable lithium-ion battery. It seems that the capacity for the production of MWNTs exceeds that of SWNTs, although there is an oversupply in the market. For example, graphene is one of the strongest materials in universe, has superior thermal and optical properties, excellent tensile strength, relative transparency, amazing electrical conductivity, and impermeability to most gases and liquids and more.Graphene’s many attributes make it an attractive material for researchers and developers, which are working hard all over the world to find endless uses for the material. Graphene is considered the first 2D material ever discovered, and is also called a ”wonder material” thanks to an enormous group of properties it holds. For a chiral carbon nanotube with and , with the similar way as described for the two zigzag nanotubes in Figure 7, and will be obtained as Fullerenes (C 60) are molecules consisting of wrapped graphene by the introduction of pentagons on the hexagonal lattice. Scientists in the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) have worked with graphene and carbon nanotubes to develop a working lithium-ion battery that can be stretched by up to 50% without damage to any of the components. where Fullerenes C 60 are mol-pentagons on the hexagonal lattice. Also, graphene (when ideally structured with atom purity and perfect honeycomb lattice) is a zero-band-gap semiconductor, whereas single-walled CNTs show either metallic or semiconducting properties, with a bandgap that varies from zero to about 2 eV.Working with CNTs is often considered challenging due to the intrinsic difficulty in positioning them accurately and connecting them. where With potential electronic and structural applications, these materials appear to be appropriate synthetic targets for the current decade. Rice University scientists have developed a graphene-based epoxy for electronic applications. The properties of CNTs change according to their characteristics. Copyright © 1996 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved. In addition, active research is ongoing in fields like batteries, fuel cells, solar cells, water desalination and more. Section 3 discusses the electronic properties of (6, 2) carbon and silicon nanotubes, which is followed by transport properties in the case of single, double and foursome CNTs at T = 300 k as well as considering temperature dependence of CNTs and … While graphene is considered 2D, CNTs are often regarded and 1D. Rather than trying to add inherently stretchable materials such as rubber to the battery components, the group focused on creating an “accordion-like” structure, adding stretchability to materials that are not inherently stretchable. The Rice solution replaces metal or carbon powders with a 3D foam made of nanoscale sheets of graphene. SWNTs are much more expensive and difficult to manufacture than MWCNTs, and there is not yet a distinct large-scale market for SWNTs, which is needed to drive down the production cost.In terms of prices, SWCNTs are the most expensive type of CNTs, with a price tag of up to $100,000 per Kg - compared to around $100 per Kg for MWCNTs).

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