the king of route 66 characters

Beth Tod Stiles Johnny Copa 1 Episode, Geoffrey Horne Deputy Keefer, Waldo 117 Episodes (2019-2019), David Lowell Rich 1 Episode, Thomas Norden 1 Episode, Dianne Foster 1 Episode, Pat Malone Min Kronberg 3 Episodes, Harry Townes 1 Episode, Ann Shoemaker 1 Episode, Glenda Farrell 1 Episode, Murray Matheson 2 Episodes, Linda Watkins 12 Episodes, Philip Leacock 2 Episodes, Paul Genge A.C. Rex 1 Episode, Nancy Malone Julie, Wendy 1 Episode, Martha Greenhouse 1 Episode, Eugene Roche Ben Belden, Joe Among the guests who appeared were Robert Redford, Alan Alda, Rod Steiger and Ethel Waters (in an Emmy-nominated performance as a dying blues singer). Mr. Whitney 1 Episode, Joseph Leon 1 Episode, Brooke Bundy Second Surfer Emil Barraux 1 Episode, Kay Medford 1 Episode, Susan Howell Anita Delgado Mr. King 1 Episode, Elizabeth Seal 1 Episode, DeForest Kelley Mrs. Foglesong, Mrs. Hunter A superior 1960s series about friends Tod Stiles and Buz Murdock driving across the U.S. in a Corvette. Gas Attendant 1 Episode, Frances Helm 3 Episodes, Janice Rule 2 Episodes, Patty McCormack Len A superior 1960s series about friends Tod Stiles and Buz Murdock driving across the U.S. in a Corvette. 1 Episode, Albert Henderson 1 Episode, Vaughn Taylor A split screen multiplayer mode was added, allowing two players to race against each other. 1 Episode, Patricia Barry Mr. Ginley 1 Episode, Steve Cochran Mr. Fontaine Katy, Midge Pierrepont Grigsby 1 Episode, E.G. Prison Matron Muddy Mullins 1 Episode, Jean Stapleton 1 Episode, Scott Marlowe Lieutenant School 1 Episode, Martita Hunt Lydia Police Lieutenant Linc Case 1 Episode, Mina Vaughn Kimberly Jo Dr. Frank Hillman 1 Episode, Barbara Barrie 1 Episode, Marco St. John Gus, Lt. Mangano 1 Episode, Don McHenry 1 Episode, Doris Karnes 1 Episode, Will Mackenzie Mike Donato 1 Episode, Ted Post 1 Episode, Rosemary Forsyth 1 Episode, Patricia Harty The show was revived unsuccessfully in the summer of 1993. 1 Episode, Boris Karloff Ellen Barnes Mr. Bell 1 Episode, Anita Gillette 1 Episode, Jean Muir Diana 1 Episode, David C. Clarke Peg Along the way, of course, they encountered and helped plenty of interesting (often troubled) people. 2 Episodes, James Dunn Harry Comenzo Menemsha Packy Christina 2 Episodes, Robert Emhardt 3 Episodes, Frank Overton 1 Episode, Peter Mamakos Mrs. Baxter Alice 1 Episode, Rod Steiger Gaybee Mrs. LeMay 1 Episode, Logan Ramsey Hull 1 Episode, Coco Ramirez Route 66 was a hybrid between episodic television drama, which has continuing characters and situations, and the anthology format, in which each week's show has a completely different cast and story. 1 Episode, Bill Southern Babe 1 Episode, Joseph Archer Arthur Perham 1 Episode, Dianne Ramey 1 Episode, John Davis Chandler 1 Episode, Valerie Trill 1 Episode, Bill Lazarus 2 Episodes, Beatrice Straight 1 Episode, Parket Fennelly Vergil Page Doctor 1 Episode, Zack Matalon 1 Episode, Barry Sullivan Eric, Leon 1 Episode, Lou Gilbert Linda McKay 1 Episode, Lorraine Rogers 2 Episodes, Betty Field Tank 1 Episode, Romney Tree 1 Episode, Davey Davison Mine Doctor 1 Episode, John Astin 1 Episode, Steven Hill 1 Episode, Ford Rainey Perette Dijon 2nd Deputy, Bartender Jimmy Charlie Eric Carl 1 Episode, George Macready 4 Episodes, Alex Viespi Asa Turnbull Dr. Anna Martin Best New Shows and Movies on Netflix This Week: Where To Watch The Best TV and Movie Marathons on Thanksgiving, How to Watch The 2020 Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, How to Watch the 2020 Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting. 2 Episodes, Lee Marvin 1 Episode, Linda Marsh 1 Episode, Susan Silo Mr. Richards 1 Episode, Jane Rose 1 Episode, Nydia Westman 1 Episode, Cloris Leachman 1 Episode, Vivi Janiss 2 Episodes, Ann Dee Gampel 1 Episode, Roland Winters Hump, Jim Anna, Dana, Drycie Koseloff, Lucy Brown Colby, Himself, Poppa Emlyn 1 Episode, Tony Haig Black Friday Sale: Take 20% Off All Giant Bomb Merch Until 11/30! 1 Episode, Rose Gregorio Gillis, Mr. Dupree 1 Episode, Lou Antonio Newton Wheeler 1 Episode, Henry Jones Harcourt Marvin Hank 1 Episode, Thomas J. McCormack Secretary Higgy, Police Officer 23 Episodes, Arthur Hiller Susie Julio Mexia, Van Carter Harry Wender Davey Briggs The game was released by Acclaim Entertainment (who also released Sega's Fer… Mr. Savel Jackson Harris, Mr. Beale 1 Episode, Larry Gates

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