upright bass bridge

My bass sounds great. Details about 3/4 Regulated Double Bass Bridge Contrabass Bridge Upright Bass Bridge R9V8. $18.99 $ 18. I had both and it went smoothly. The Bass Bridge Foot Fitting Jig helps you fit the feet of the bridge to the top of the instrument. We didn't want it to be complicated, so here it is, I purchased an adjustable bridge for my upright. My bridge is bending just after a couple months of having my bass..it’s not totally warped but it is curving downwards, and it’s not too bad. Upright Bass Bridge -Joseph Teller German Bridge Maple 3/4 - 2 Star - NEW. So I just shipped my upright from LA to Western Mass, and the dude at the music shop told me to loosen up all my strings to take off my bridge and put it next to the neck (with foam padding and all that so nothing was loose and had extra protection), but I was unaware of this soundpost business. I got the new bridge cut down and set up. 164. Here are some things every upright player should know: The internal, not external, notches you see on the F-holes determine the proper distance of the bridge from the fingerboard. Upright Bass Luthier (Repairperson) Directory, Lots of New Stuff at Gollihur Music - New Basses, New Accessories, New CLEARANCE, We've added "BassBucks Rewards" to the site, Kolstein Adjustable Upright Bass Bridge with Hardwood Adjusters, Eminence Adjustable Bridges for Electric Upright Bass (4/5 string), Adjusters for Upright Bass Bridges (Assorted), Upright Bass Bridge Foot Fitter Tool (for Contouring Bass Bridge Feet), Upright Bass String Lifter Tool (for Fitting Bass Bridges). These brand new high quality maple bridges have excellent quality, lightweight aluminum adjusters that were precision installed at the bridge maker's shop. The feet of the bridge should be flush with the top of the instrument. Keeping pressure on the bridge, via the strings, keeps things in place. I attached an entire sheet of sandpaper to the area and with minimum sanding PRESTO - a great sounding 3/4 Bass. most places i talked to acted as if "you don't know what you need? Free shipping. This tool holds the bridge firmly at the correct angle as you go back and forth on sandpaper to... "Jazz" and "Classical" Models Available I would recommend that you have a scrolling saw and a belt sander to make the installation much easier. …, So, we were excited to completely overhaul the website on July 1 of this year. Meaning that the E-side of the bridge and the G-side of the bridge should be the same distance from their corresponding F-holes. Dr. Donovan Stokes is on the faculty of Shenandoah University-Conservatory. Watch. Listing Sold. Electric Upright Basses: Which One is Best for Me? That pressure also holds the soundpost (inside your bass) in place. I bought one of these to replace the old warped bridge on my 1986 Engelhardt EM-1 and I am very pleased with the outcome. $3.50 shipping. All of our bridges are currently tapped to be used "threads up," meaning that the bridge body is where the threads are (the solid posts go into the feet.) document.getElementById("copyright_year").innerHTML = new Date().getFullYear(); Lots of New Stuff to Knowing something about proper bridge placement, alignment, etc. Bridges without height adjusters won’t generally have issues in this regard, but the feet of bridges with adjusters can become massively askew. Should I be concerned about something right now, will the soundpost still be in place when I put the bridge back on and tighten up the strings? If you measure from the middle of the bar to the mid-point of the bass and double the measurement, you now know the proper measurement of the bridge's feet when measured from center to center. I followed your simple instructions and with the help of my wife this bass has NEVER SOUNDED BETTER. The instructions you provided were a great help and saved me a lot of time and headache. Shipped From. $161.65. Thanks for a wonderful product and I recommend your products to any person that is sincere about their instruments and the quality of sound. Of course, adjustable height bridges are also often a necessity to compensate for seasonal … Copy and paste the link above to see how to measure your fiddle/violin to see where to place your bridge. 4.0 out of 5 stars 1. …. An adjustable bridge can be a godsend for your Upright Bass. $7.94/ea. And then there’s unnecessarily difficult. We send occasional correspondence from Gollihur Music. 2014. Sales. … Double Bass Bridge Upright Bass Bridge For Acoustic Bass Maple 3/4 Spare Part. The bridge is excellent quality. I have had the post solidified a bit by adding a foam circle around both ends, to keep it from moving/falling. Las Vegas, NV, United States. $8.36/ea. Improper soundpost placement will cause problems in sound and can, if significantly misplaced, cause damage to the top or back of the instrument. I am a ham and egg bass player who loves it. Description. Regular Price. I would keep some pressure on the top..Not too much of course. Upright Bass Bridge Foot Fitter Tool (for Contouring Bass Bridge Feet) Our Low Price: $139.00. This very nice quality bridge is made for the Eminence EUB (Electric Upright Bass) and is an OEM replacement for your existing lost, warped or damaged bridge.

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