virginity and depression

I now feel depressed and suicidal I have no one to speak to about this if I tell any of my friends they will run and tell the whole world! Depression Treatment: Therapy, Medication, And Lifestyle Changes That Can Treat Depression. I felt very bad about that relation but he assured me he would stay with me. you never know what tomorrow will bring... it could be good & bad too.. i can feel that you are so much in pain.. im in pain too... but what can we do? make friends, do what makes you happy, improve your personality and try to feel life, if you live life like this you can never be able to recover. You'd be surprised about how little you actually need sex in your life. “It’s not something that has come up. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Who was at loss? So the key to improving our lives is by making it so. You may have been naive and ignorant at the time but now you are starting to realise how much wrong you have done. He is Allah. She changed medication “and it seems to be the right cocktail. But now, I wanted something from him. Have you intentionally passed up chances because you want to wait for marriage or at least a solid relationship? I kept asking God to help me and I also repented for my sins because the guilt was feeding my soul every day. It will tarnish reputation and respect of my parents. Thank you Sofia for writing all of this to encourage me. till now her parents doesnt know this and she got married few years later. Thank you for your kind words. This man manipulated you and raped you against your will, and continued to force you into sexual acts a number of time after the first. I have to die everyday inside in order to live, this is my destiny. Add in another trigger—like fear of rejection or body concerns—and suddenly you are a Sylvia Plath knock-off, clutching that bad poetry as your only weapon. The person who does tauba from a sin is similar to the one who has not committed the sin. And if Ginuwine came on the radio—forget it. But you have already fought with great courage. Do you feel like you don't belong in society? Prayers f u Right now it's all in doldrums, I am peaceful at this very moment and violet at the next. what losing your virginity at fourteen does to you. I am so sorry about what you have had to endure, and what you are going through. Am I wrong for divorcing my violent wife? Hi , I read ur stroy and feel sad and hope u get better, on that note remember if u play with fire u will get burnt meaing who have a role in part of which that has happend, It may be that later-in-life virginity is dismissed as a problem with an easy fix. I am very sorry to hear your sufferings sister . Past has turned me suicidal. Sofia. Having never been in a relationship may also be causing it. This guy who treated you like this may enjoy this life for a while but question is for how long. dont ever tell your husband what you went through. I grew up having very little to no friends, but found comfort in other things such as video games, entomology and exploring alone. Ur kids will be ur shield n power If you want to get notified by every reply to your post, please register. I cannot even ask my doctor to give me any such favor because I am bound to do what he says and tells me, my mother and I get treatment under safe roof and it's hard to discuss anything with him without having my mother around. You need to learn to love yourself even even when it seems like no one else does. Thanks for the input. Holding him back, he says, are absence of opportunity, his looks (he describes himself as in shape but balding, and “just not nice-looking”), his shyness and his lack of self-confidence – which worsens with each passing year. I thought it would sound okay when people asked. My friend got raped by NOT any this or that guy but from HER MAHRAM MATERNAL UNCLE, she was in her mid teens back then and that disgusting Mahram Threatened and Stopped Her by uttering a single word against that and as time moves on and she reached at ur age she was depressed and fearful like anything from marriage cuz now she knew that she isnt a virgin and her husband to be might find out...that is the time when she shared her burden with me... i caress her heart by saying that the hymen thing or experience for every girl isnt same and i convinced her NOT TO REVEAL HER PAST TO YOUR HUSBAND TO BE as it was a TEST from Allah. Life is really cruel i couldn't read anymore because I feel you're pain may Allah help us all. A lot of my friends are still virgins in their 20’s. Did you lose a loved one in the past, including a pet, and have you coped with that trauma properly? Do you think it's possible for someone to fake depression? All am trying to say is sis your life will change if you are willing to take this step. That put me into tears The key to finding your place in the world is by constantly stepping outside of your comfort zone. I was not comfortable at all, the tension built up in body every time. I don't want to burn in hell please help me. Lost virginity at young age. The future can be successful on how you want it to be. I was foolish and immature. I am sorry I cannot forgive myself because I knew he was pushing me into an illegal and unlawful relation I chose to say I had no option because I wanted him to marry me.

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