what does leesa do with returned mattresses

In-home trial period: 365 nights starting 30 days after delivery. Our goal at Mattress Advisor is to help you find the perfect mattress so you’ll never need to return it. All rights reserved. Helix tries their best to donate returned mattresses to charities and housing facilities in your community. Is the Leesa Mattress available on Amazon? Then they will retrieve it from your home and will donate it to a charity in your location, or you can choose your favorite local charity. You will receive a full refund after you show them the donation receipt. You’re in luck. Mattress Return Policy: Every Leesa mattress comes with a 100-night trial, so you can try Leesa in the comfort of your own home. Details: Layla will pick up your discarded mattress, donate it to a local charity, and issue you a full refund. Our pickup team will retrieve the mattress or foundation no matter … It may take a few nights to adjust to your Leesa mattress. Mattress Return Policy: Every Leesa mattress comes with a 100-night trial, so you can try Leesa … Among ten of our favorite direct-to-consumer mattress companies, not one resells returned mattresses and all either donate their returns to charities or non-profit organizations, or they recycle them. What Does Leesa Do With Returned Mattresses… Now half way through 2020, the sleep & bed industry is overwhelmed with so many brands to choose from. Most returned mattresses go through the wash and are then donated to local charities or “upcycled for use in our pop-up experiences.”. So how can you tell if a mattress that is new to you is actually new? Support & Frequently Asked Questions | Leesa Sleep. Nevertheless, there are also mattress companies who clean the returned mattresses and put them up for sale again. Some states do allow reselling pre-owned mattresses after they’ve been cleaned and/or refurbished and relabeled. So instead of returned mattresses going to landfills, we donate mattresses in good condition to those in need. If you are unsatisfied with your mattress and want to return it, you don’t have to feel bad about cluttering up landfills with practically new mattresses. In-home trial period: 100 nights. In most cases, your returned mattress goes to a child or family. The Leesa Original mattress is a four-layer, all-foam mattress. So, a site like ours is a good place to start your search for the perfect mattress. The bottom two layers are made up of 2 inches of memory … In fact, according to the Federal Trade Commission, as long as mattresses meet certain labeling and processing requirements, used mattresses can be resold. So, this ultimately means that they will put the mattress up for sale again. On the bright side, donating the returns helps both the needy and the environment. according to the Federal Trade Commission, Chris Hudgins of the International Sleep Products Association, Generous trial, warranty, and return policies. They will send a truck to deliver your mattress to a local charity. We'll coordinate a pickup* from your home and refund your purchase. In most cases, your returned mattress goes to a child or family. I had to buy one once after I lost my house in a runaway grill fire. Details: Returns can be made after at least 30 days from delivery, and there are no fees. Mattress companies, especially those that sell directly to customers online, warn that all mattresses need to be broken in by actually sleeping on it night after night. That’s why they conduct ethical business practices and deal with returns in ways that are good for their customers and the local communities. Our reviews provide scores on 14 criteria for each mattress to help you find the perfect place to rest your weary bones. These mattresses are often sold as clearance items, or in “Scuff and Tear” sales. We are confident that you’ll love your Leesa products but if you don’t, let our team know within your 100-night trial window and we’ll help you initiate a return. To initiate a return, please call our customer service team at 1-844-33-LEESA or email support@leesa.com. Details: Nectar will work with you to have your mattress donated to a local charity if it doesn’t end up working out. Details: Tuft & Needle will pick up your unwanted mattress from your home. Leesa mattress has an attractive appearance—the cover is a gray knit with four white stripes near the bottom. Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy Affiliate Disclosure, I purchased a mattress from Mattress Firm ( Tulo Liv Queen) it arrived much earlier than I was informed so I was at work and it was left at the front door. However, consumers may find the process of donating a mattress in order to get a refund to be a hassl… Beyond reading mattress reviews, you should consider the following features of any mattress you consider buying: For more tips to help you avoid returning your mattress, see our mattress buying guide. Besides, destroying(melting or burning) the mattress is a waste of materials that could otherwise be reused. ), after your 100-night trial period has expired, rest assured that you’re covered by our 10-year limited mattress warranty. If you choose to return your pillows, mattress protector, base or another Leesa accessory, you can return it free of charge within 30 calendar days of delivery. The truth is that if you think about it, some mattress companies make you pay a restocking fee. When state laws do not allow donating used mattresses, Helix sends mattresses to recycling centers so they don’t sit in landfills. If you buy a mattress from one of these companies, you will know that your mattress has never been slept on, and in the unlikely event that you are unsatisfied, your mattress will be donated to someone in your community who really needs and wants it. The mattress, once compressed, will ship in a box directly to you in 3-6 business days. Leesa has committed to donating 1 mattress for every 10 sold to homeless shelters to give back to local communities. Don't worry, we'll come to you! In most cases, your returned mattress goes to a child or family. Please note they are listed in any particular order of importance. Leesa has a program that we’ve seen in other industries, but it’s the first time I’ve seen it in the mattress industry. If you love your Leesa (which, we think you will! Required fields are marked *. How do I return if I purchased on … Every Leesa mattress comes with a 100-night trial, so you can try Leesa in the comfort of your own home. Only your first Leesa mattress purchase (one mattress per household or shipping/billing address) includes the 100-night trial and free return. By donating as many returns as we can, your purchase can help a child sleep better tonight and have a stronger future tomorrow. Your returned mattress will still find a good home with someone who needs and wants it. In most cases, when state law allows it, returned mattresses are donated to charities like the Salvation Army, women resource centers, or homeless shelters. When they can’t be donated, they are recycled for other uses. More on that later. Should you choose a Leesa to a Loom & Leaf mattress? And also I’m having a hard time returning a product I just received and to receive my refund they know should be returned to me Details: Saatva will charge you a $99 transportation fee to pick up your discarded mattress and return it to their warehouse. Most box springs sit on a metal bed frame. In fact, it can take as long as a full month for your body to adapt to a new mattress and the mattress to lose its factory feel. What's your return policy? Read on to learn what happens to returned mattresses and how you can be sure the new mattress you paid for is not a pre-owned model. In the short article below we have included the top 10 leading brands of 2020. At Leesa, we have a foam mattress and a hybrid mattress option, we do not recommend putting them on a box spring. As a certified B Corp, we are committed to be a force for good. If you’ve have recently bought a mattress from a reputable vendor, you can rest assured that it is new unless otherwise clearly indicted. © 2020 Mattress Advisor. Its top cover is made of twill followed by a 2-inch layer of foam. Is the Leesa Mattress available on Amazon. At Mattress Advisor, you’ll find everything you need to get your best sleep ever - from expert tips on improving your sleep health to unbiased reviews on the best mattresses and sleep products on the market. *In some cases, we do allow for self-donation. So instead of returned mattresses going to landfills, we donate mattresses in good condition to those in need. It looks so cozy that you might want to climb right into bed without even putting on the sheets! Did you ever wonder if your new mattress is only new to you? Ninety-three percent of those are donated to local charities and non-profit organizations across the country. So, if you’re getting a clearance price for your mattress, you might actually be buying a pre-owned mattress. In addition, they know that customer reviews can either make or break them. Online mattress companies recognize that competition in their field is fierce, and consumers have a wealth of information at their fingertips. Thank you for your information I will use it when I go shopping for my mattress but never again on-line or in a box I always wondered did they sell people used mattresses. Unfortunately, if you’re looking for a bargain, you may not be able to tell if your mattress has been broken-in already by someone else until it’s too late.

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