where to plant marigolds in vegetable garden

Plant a few extra marigolds around any plants rabbits might be prone to sniffing out, such as lettuce, and see if the plants help create a barrier. Consider size as well, as marigolds range from petite, 6-inch (15 cm.) Planting marigolds around your garden border is said to keep rabbits out. Marigolds Attract Beneficial Insects To Your Garden. French marigolds to 3-foot (1 m.) African marigolds that show up best in the back of the flower bed. Gardeners talk about marigolds as if they are a single type of plant, but in fact they can belong to a number of different species. While you can plant marigolds alongside flowers of similar hues, you can also choose plants in complementary colors. Attract bees and other pollinators, as well as beneficial insects like ladybugs. Moles do not like the taste of marigold roots and thus avoid them. Growing marigolds in or next to your vegetable garden can prove to be quite beneficial in many ways. Marigold Companion Planting Chart companionplant 2020-05-06T16:42:28+00:00 Planting Marigolds in your Garden In a sea of green in your home garden, the marigold provides a burst of bright color, and a friendly companion to the rest of the garden’s vegetables. Marigolds can repel certain garden pests. The third reason to plant marigolds with vegetables is to attract beneficial insects to your garden. 1. 3. Hence, if the marigolds are in your vegetable garden, they are avoided as well. T. tenufolia ‘Lemon Gem’ is a great choice to attract beneficial insects, and it’s also edible — a win-win for the veggie garden!

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