worst nfl jerseys 2020

The large jaguar on the sleeves of these home kits cinched their place here, but honestly, there are a host of landmines in Jacksonville's fashion history. Like some other pre-Super Bowl-era kits, the Colts' early- and mid-1950s uniform is grandfathered in because of the franchise's choice to wear it on Thanksgiving Day 2004. This alarm clock font is bad enough, but the Bucs once stood out when they took the field. Buffalo giving its 1970s design a modern touch quickly made uniform-appreciating folks forget about the aughts catastrophe. Although the Patriots' Tom Brady-era uniform was the most widely viewed attire in the NFL this century, with the franchise annually extending its seasons into late January and often February, they were neither impressive nor worthy of derision. The random splash of red on the shoulder pads does not help Arizona's cause. But this mismatch disaster, a one-time-only look in 2017, got the nod in perhaps the stiffest "worst" competition on this list. The Bills' 2010s home blues beat out the home kits of the franchise's 1990s glory years, and Buffalo's current alternate all-reds are not far off. What bumps these over the Aeneas Williams-Jake Plummer-era home attire: the Arizona state flag on the sleeves. They are off on the right foot after a five-year uniform mistake. But here are all 32 NFL uniforms ranked from best-to-worst: Allow us to show you the future #GoBucs pic.twitter.com/naURTtwkZ3, — Tampa Bay Buccaneers (@Buccaneers) April 7, 2020. Even when the team's then-radical switch to the current stirrup concept in 1997 produced back-to-back Super Bowls, the Broncos endured a significant aesthetic downgrade upon making that change. The current Dolphins using a throwback look always generates the most interest, with the past two design schemes trailing those of the 20th century. Moving to a lighter shade of green in 2019, the Jets harkened back to their days in between the Joe Namath look and the franchise's 1998 reversion to it. Dusted off from the 1920s and early '30s, this Bears concept only surfaced once since the Herbert Hoover administration — the mandated September 1994 unveiling. Even in the uniforms' first life, they only received one season (1933) before getting canceled. Carolina surged out of the blocks with strong uniforms. From then until the early 2000s, this was Cincinnati's primary home uniform. The pick here is Steelers Classic, used during the dynasty years and through the mid-1990s. It wasn't hard to pinpoint the worst Colts fashion decision. Pittsburgh Steelers (2): The black and gold colors reflect the Steel City (in case you've never visited) … The Rams unveiling a modern version of this ensemble in 2020 may bring a steep downgrade. They have not been worn since. These vintage white-on-grays — equipped with the wraparound Seahawk on the sleeves — was the franchise's uniform design for its first 26 seasons. When the team ditched these in 2009, the floodgates opened. A blue helmet replaced the white lid, but a multitude of jersey-pant combos remain, the worst of which is the all-blue jersey-pants combo. This uniform surfaced during the Packers' 15-1 season, but thankfully the brown helmet vanished. There's a random shape masquerading as pants art, a poor font choice and, of course, the unpopular two-toned helmet. But the Bolts drilled their uniform choice. It wasn't always bad for Jaguar uniforms. Rushmore NFL uniform since the orange "C" decal replaced the white logo in 1974. But two games stick out. Fired from the Browns franchise he built, Paul Brown launched the Bengals in 1968 as part of the AFL. The Bears, in existence in their current city since 1922, were bound to veer toward "bad." A tough call between Jameis Winston's former away uniform and the Bucs' all-red color rush goes to the one fans were subjected to more often. That is in no way as troubling as what the franchise did in 2002. They are fairly ordinary, but again, restraint is an underappreciated sports fashion trait. Pantorno joined amNewYork Metro as sports editor in January of 2020 after two years at the same position with Metro New York. This look accomplishes little. Other than experimenting with white-on-white at times, the Bears have worn a Mt. Rod Tidwell did spend most of "Jerry Maguire" in the reds, but mid-montage, there is a clip of the brooding wideout sprinting for a touchdown in the whites. Leaving gold pants on the shelf is unacceptable, especially when the team's original look included them. Not the worst NFL uniform by any means, but Houston shelving its alt-red action is for the best. Other franchises were moving to darker blue at this time; both the Broncos and Seahawks did so. Little went right for the 2019 Chargers. Nearly a fourth of the NFL changed uniforms in 2020. The Titans never had a shot here, with the debate being Oilers blue-on-white vs. Oilers white-on-blue. Ranking all the new NFL uniforms for 2020 - Los Angeles Times The Astrodome was for a time a unique NFL venue, giving the home blues the edge. The only good thing about the reveal was that they’ll be wearing their throwback jerseys made popular in the 90s. The pre-1981 Bengals did not necessarily have bad uniforms; they just get docked for unoriginality. This one, used from 1987-96, wins out. Sign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York City. The Seahawks deserve credit for recognizing their mistake in 2012, but for 10 seasons the team subjected the masses to this ugly shade of blue. But when overused, the Texans' red is a bit exposed. The result: an amazing disaster that tested uniform buffs' commitment every time Los Angeles wore white over the previous three seasons. Hopefully this isn't too edgy, but the franchise's update on 49ers Classic has proven superior to the actual version the team wore during its 1980s dynasty. Whether the Ravens' current design is overrated or not, it was an upgrade from the team's Year 1 look. The Eagles have recognized this, having worn them as throwbacks on several occasions. The 49ers smartly realized, as a few teams have in recent years, their transition away from their classic look (in 1996) was ill-advised. Like Drew Bledsoe did in Buffalo, Favre went to Minnesota at the wrong time — from a fashion perspective. Washington has not worn this home uniform since, eliminating it in 1972, though its road counterpart made a one-off appearance in 2007. The Panthers' blue-on-silver alternate, which was used from 2002-17, has a slight edge on these, as does Carolina's all-blue color rush kit. Not as bad as a couple of ultra-throwbacks on this list, the Eagles' uniforms of 1934 are the runaway modern-years winner for worst Philadelphia design.

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